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  • The Justifier The Justifier Jul 11, 2007 23:57 Flag

    MF Playmaker

    I understand that Seven has signed Bianchi, and probably go after Defoe or Anelka, but look at our MF, without a true playmaker, whose going to pass the ball to the FW? Therefore may I suggest if we go after Juan Riquelme of Argentina! He will not be back to Villareal, could be had around 15 million euros.

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    • OMG
      As a season ticket holder i cant belive the posts on here,we have just got a world club class manager in sven,and your slagging him,can i remind all you die hard west ham fans lol,that sven when managing england lost two important games one against brazil the other against portugal on pens,My god grow up give the guy a break at least he has been there and done it and tried perhaps if he didnt have to many pre-maddonas in his team he might of got somewhere there was one well a few to blame for englands demise thAts the #$%$ PRESS lets see what you all do with curbs and wenger and jol and lee and allardyce,then judge him,ENGLAND TO THE FRONT,but all you lesser ones do one