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  • David David Jul 19, 2007 19:04 Flag

    Is Svennis making a difference?

    A new striker who scores on debut, our old strikers who couldn't hit a barn door last season, putting them away, and a wonder goal from our England right-back. Okay, two scrappy goals conceded also, but there does seem to be a little more life in the team.

    To all of you going, see you at West Ham, let's hope for another 'new dawn'

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    • i think he is making a huge difference, i only wish he would play a 4-4-2 now that we have some good strikers,

    • If you ignore the xenophobic media "arm chair experts" who drove Sven to quit the England job, his statistical record is unchallenged with only five competitive games lost in his five and a half years in office, top qualifying place in all tournaments and taking England from "the wilderness" to FIFA No.4 world ranking.
      Sven has already proved to be carrying on "business as usual" at Man City and after the next transfer window provides a little more talent, next season will see what he can really do at the top of the Premier League and among the trophy candidate teams????

    • I think Sven is making a big difference already, 4 new players and all good ones with more to come, everyone associated with the Blues are getting the feel good factor back.

      I wouldn't dream of jumping the gun but I think we could be good for at least a top 10 finish which would make a nice change.

      Had Stuart Pearce still be in charge I feared City would have been facing a major battle to stay up, no way would Pearcey have attracted the type of players Sven is bringing in, it's not what you know it's who you know, Sven's been around the block at club level all over Europe and won lot of cups with lots of good players, he knows what it takes and hopefully the trend will continue with our belovered City.