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  • Andy Andy Aug 15, 2007 00:01 Flag

    owner extradited!!!

    thats a mad news post regards your owner being in the #$%$ over land in thailand......

    sorry not here to cause trouble... im an everton fan so have nowt against you but makes you think is he hiding his money in the club b4 he is screwed!!!!

    what do you think?

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    • Yes, I'm sorry to say that Thaksin was 'democratically' elected through vote buying. Think 'The' Sopranos' and you're getting close. Actually Tony is a nice guy in comparison, think 'Ralf' from the same series and you're getting close. You'll see his true colours if you start to slip down the league table; good luck!

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      • We have a russian at chelsea that screwed over thousands of people and is well known to have been head of a large russian mafia syndicate.

        We have an american at United who screwed over the whole city of Tampa and now doing the same to the season ticket holders.

        We have a serbian at portsmouth who screwed over thousands of serbs including mass murder.

        #$%$ k me makes are Thaskin sound like the angel gabriel.

        It is well written that if Thaskin went back to Thailand and had an election he would win it by a landslide.

      • I think your club owner is a very clever guy who exchanged all the corrupted money to clean money and move to UK. Same as what Abramovich did.

    • Thaksin was elected democratically. They'll extradite him to the mob that launched a military coup? Don't think so.