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  • Steve Steve Aug 20, 2007 03:41 Flag

    soak-it-up tactics; bad for the nerves...

    All credit to City for a result that probably had football bets around the country torn up; 4-1 was a bit too long, surely!
    Looking at the formation and how it played on the pitch, you have to day that the tactics of defense-first, inviting utd's attackers forward was a bit dodgy, to say the least.
    The best passage of play was after the goal; all lines were pushed forward and utd looked #$%$ bereft of any ideas. City look hard to break down in that mood, and hopefully that can carry on for a few games yet. The back four were SOLID, Bianchi looked sharp when he came on, although if Hamman took any longer on the ball, he might as well put his boots on his knees and crawl around.
    On another line, I've recently hung up my boots, and can now get to some games, with my young daughter. Are there any parts of the ground more-suited for kids (other than the family stand, obviously, as this has been sold out on-line for both home games so far) ?
    Cheers, and I'm looking forward to moving from the armchair to the stadium...

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