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  • manchester city fan manchester city fan Mar 2, 2008 05:00 Flag

    Manchester city and defense!!!

    I think the team was better before december when Javier Garrido was playing and other players too I metion this because he like me like player he is young and strong I think the team look tired and need his younger people with pontencial, the trainner do bad changes on the game and do changes so late and now the team go down in the table so why don´t come back to the team that of the last year that go better than now?, thank god for the victory to manchester united but why we lost with the weak team than us. I think with have a problem on defense and the trainer need to know more about tecnique

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    • i saw him playing last year and i think garrido is a good defender but you know sven leave beckham outside of national team so... you can expect whatever about him,,, he can do everything doesn´t matter is he wrong,,, how you say if something goes well for what change it...