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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 3, 2008 01:49 Flag

    You wait, the jealousy will come

    First of well done city, its good to have many teams to challenge for the title, makes it more interesting

    But just wait for the abuse and jealousy to come from the Goners/Manure and the no Jobs. They have always thought its there divine right to win everything but where are liverpool and arsenal now right? lol

    You look at the chelsea board board, full of scouse #$%$ saying they bought there success, they may have done but at least more teams have got a chance of winning stuff not like the boring days of arsenal and liver#$%$ winning everything.

    anyway, its good to have another big side to watch, good luck guys and why dont you buy Ronaldo to wash the kits??

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    • I'm a Blue and I'm enjoying the rollercoaster ride, Middle Eastlands (good name that, almost as good as The Swamp, let's keep it) is fun again. The thing that seems to stick in some peoples craws is that little Man City have had the bad manners to be taken over by these rich Arabs and they have had the gaul to spend 60 million on players!! THAT'S DISGUSTING!!!!
      Stick it up yer wazooos you bunch of jealous whingers. I don't give a gnats nuts that this money is ruining our beautiful game, just the same as the Man Ure fans don't give a toss that their manager tapped up Berbatov (and that's just this season). If it's good enough for the "top four" then it's good enough for us. Get over it.