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  • Ian Aitchison Ian Aitchison Sep 22, 2008 06:35 Flag

    Have to say you deserve it!!

    As a life long Newcastle United fan I have experienced all the ups and downs of English football over the years, and would have to say that there have been a lot more downs than ups, especially in recent years. Anyway, you lot must be so #$%$-a-hoop with recent developments. Your going places, you are no longer in the shadow of the reds, and although you haven't won anything yet, its just a matter of time. Most importantly, your fan base has to be admired for their resilience over the last ten years. Credit to all of you!!!! (Not looking forward to playing against you though)

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    • Thank you. I was in Holland last week in a little unknown place called Zwolle in the middle of no-where. I had to go to the tax office. So there i am minding m own business signing a form and I look up, what do you think I am looking at? A 24 year old office Clerk dressed in a Newcastle United top. So obviously we got talking. He goes to every home game and wished me the very best with City. Thank you also for your king wishes for City and we wish you the best also. We will meet on the 29th January.

    • Thank you Ian, always had a soft spot for Newcastle. Hope things pick up for you