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  • David L David L Nov 17, 2008 02:08 Flag

    how can hughes play vassell and sit elano

    what is he thinking?
    he had one of the tightest defences in the league, sold corluka, brought in ben haiem and zabaletta, now we can't defend at all...
    vassells goal scoring over the past two years has not been good, as he proved again today, yet a proven midfield scorer, who can also defend, in elano sit it out completely, why because he said he was dissapionted about not playing more?
    hughes needs to grow up

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    • Agree with the comments on vassel it seems if you dont rock the boat your ok.All i have seen from vassel this season is that he fills his xl shirt well he cant run cant tackle cant defend but he is ever so polite and keeps his mouth shut.If hughes cant handle one or two stars no wonder he is not keen on any more at the club sack the red before its to late.

    • This guy is spot on. How do you play Vassell & Benjani. Leaving a 20m striker(Jo) & Elano on the bench. Best we have looked this season was Richards at RB with Kompany & Dunne CB's. Against Portsmouth , a while back now, Dunne and Richards looked like our worst two players. Tactics are woeful and one dimensional. We have no wide player since Pedrov got injured. Full backs don't look comfortable as attackers, probably because they are afraid no one covers for them if they gallop forward. This I fear is the truth. Look at the table. We are 3 points above bottom 3. If I was financing this team I would not be happy, and that is fact not fiction. No point having a good side on paper we need points not bull post match interviews.


    • I agree that Mark Hughes seems to be acting strangely in persistently choosing to play Vassell and leave a gifted player like Elano on the bench. Presumably he is attempting to penalise Elano for some perceived wrong. The net effect is that he is penalising the team and the fans. This seems to be poor man-management, not to mention poor team-management.

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      • from our perspective, and by this i mean fans, it is hard to see why would certain people be left out of a match. Hughes is however, having to deal with a roster that is starting to fill with lots of talent, so...either way someone will have to sit. That is something that the players have to deal with, the coach makes the calls. It becomes strategic and tactical, that is concerning who plays against their opponent. The coach has to consider- Who better matches up against their opponent at that position. What player does the coach have that can naturally disrupt and can make plays against the line-up and style of their opponents. It becomes abit more complicated than merely asking why didn't this person or that person play.
        but either way, cheers to Man City, they are getting there.