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  • I AM HE I AM HE Dec 21, 2008 06:39 Flag

    worse than manure

    lmfao. talk about manure fans being glory seekers + fairweather fans, all came outta the woodwork in the early 90`s, you lot are just as bad, this city board was like a morgue all last season and now there is loads of you posting, all with no message history i hasten to add. what a bunch of #$%$ posting this and that about a club that most of you here have just recently started supporting, talk about glory seekers. man city is probably one of the best supported teams in the country and in my opinion their fans are amongst the best in the world (gates of 30,000+ when city were in lower divisions. RESPECT) so the club or its true long term fans do not need you bandwagon jumpers or your opinions. thinkin about it all you new fans have probably switched allegiance from manure lol. this aint aimed at you true blues, as i said i respect you true man city fans it`s all the muppets and halfwits that say they`re fans since the arabs or robinho came.

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