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  • Why oh why are your execs acting like idiots saying they can buy this player and that player, money no object ? Kaka turned down a pay rise when he extended his contract with Milan 18 months ago, he is extremely religous and stated he was wealthy enough. He has also just become an Italian national and had a son with his Milanese wife. He is very happy and settled in Italy and dreams of becoming the captain of Milan and stamping his name in their glorious history books. No disrespect, but would you leave a club like Milan to enter a relegation scrap ?

    I personaly wish Man City all the best and hope they can become a force in the prem alongside the likes of Villa and Everton and give the so called 'big four' a run. But they should learn from history, Real Madrid tried the Galactico aproach and won nothing......and they were a massive european club already.......do as Villa have, buy young rough diamonds, throw in a few experienced quality players and go from there, building and adding when the right player for the team comes available.

    Robinho came for the money, full stop. He is lazy, has too big an ego and is a dressing room wrecker, Real wouldn't sell anyone to Chelsea end of, no other big european clubs wanted him and he has a clause in his contract releasing him if City don't finish in the EUFA cup at worst, he will be Chelsea bound if Scolari keeps his job in the summer.

    Start at the core, gain a team mentality and go from there.