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  • Andy Andy May 20, 2009 21:06 Flag

    hughes must go

    norma.."not out of love for the club"

    If you think todays players play "for the love of the club" you are wildly mistaken and very naive.

    They play for the income that they (and the agent) can get. Most players only have a limited playing period (coupled with the majority having never learned anything else but football) in which to secure thier livelyhood.

    There isn't a single professional player out there that "plays for the shirt/club/badge"...they play for the wages. Some enjoy it more than others...but its the money that counts.

    Money is also the cause of teams finishing higher up the table than others. On the whole the teams that invest in players over several seasons, good examples can be seen in the top of most European leagues (didnt the boss of Hoffenheim splash the cash last year?).

    For winning the league and CL finalist..Man U will recieve over 30 million, thats like getting a free Rooney every season (except last season they bought Berbatov with it).

    btw...have they finished the rebuild at Köln yet...last time i was there half the stands were missing :)

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    • what #$%$ manager broadcasts his playing system to all and sundry the pathetic 4-2-3-1 every game this year including friendlies,i have not got the strikers,look at the squad and you can count 10 strikers ok vassell is not prolific,sturridge,evans (welsh international)caicedo,robbiniho,at least get the others wondering what you are putting out,why do we need old crocks like rsc and bellamy big gob little ability except his pace,we let go players like that in the past.it is the same old #$%$ he comes out with we did not ask enough questions of them the lone ranger will soon run of steam chasing everything on his own,i suggest we all get on his back and the sparky is not giving me the sparkling feeling. that we will be better next year,the win in august away was with players he in herited and he got his own rubbish in and could not win away untill everton away,bridge has got no one to put him under pressue so he can play #$%$ as bertie did not get a look in untill bolton home and that i am sure was a bone of contention from hughes,i have supported city since i was knee high from 63 in the 2nd div.

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      • If MH gets it right next season and gets City into the top6 (as planned and publicised by Cooke) then we will probibly run around the garden with our underpants on our heads (like i did when SWP slotted the 4th into the top corner...but that was not under MH).

        If we still end up wallowing in mid table without any show of improvement (and i wont accept that "the other teams have also improved thats why were still 9th/10th"...because they dont have the same funds, backing and startpoint that MH has)...then it will be time to dig Alan Ball up...and he was imho the worst we ever had.