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  • Andy Andy May 27, 2009 21:02 Flag

    hughes must go

    If MH gets it right next season and gets City into the top6 (as planned and publicised by Cooke) then we will probibly run around the garden with our underpants on our heads (like i did when SWP slotted the 4th into the top corner...but that was not under MH).

    If we still end up wallowing in mid table without any show of improvement (and i wont accept that "the other teams have also improved thats why were still 9th/10th"...because they dont have the same funds, backing and startpoint that MH has)...then it will be time to dig Alan Ball up...and he was imho the worst we ever had.

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    • isn`t it about time city gave a manager more than a season to get it right? look at sven, gets us best position in about a century and they sack him! its time that club politics dont dictate what a manager does. well chuffed that stephen ireland has signed new deal. he has put those high rollers to shame, robhino should go round to stephens for sunday dinner and have a chat on how to actually produce the goods week in week out. looking forward to us improving next season