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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy May 19, 2009 02:13 Flag

    No europe good news for Hughes!!!

    As soon as I knew City would not be in europe I put a tonne on City to be top four. Its only was only 6 to 1, but I think it is worth a punt.

    Simple attack pretty good already, this season europe took it out of you, you will strengthen and the youth players progressing well.

    PS I am a crazy gooner, who also took 10 to 1 on us to win the league in 2010.

    Yeah possible £200 down.

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    • Im City till I die but you won't catch me risking that kind of dosh. Still I admire your optimism & hope you get a good return:]

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      • Heres hoping the players that are bought are of the class City deserve (ok maybe not deserve, perhaps afford is more appropriate) and that MH gets them to gel quickly (similar to how SGE managed to tweak good performances out of Elano last season).

        All he then has to do is read every management book in Manchester library paying particular attention to the TACTICS section.

        Even if all the above actually takes place i still think a top4 slot is still too soon...maybe securing a Europa place without having to wait till the last 2 matches would be a step in the right direction.