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  • IJB IJB Jul 12, 2009 04:23 Flag

    Im ashamed to support city

    My reason for this decision is the sad loss of Denise Hendry wife to Colin Hendry who used to play for city in the 80's and i think in early 90's too
    but thats irrelavant,whats more important is that "CITY PR TEAM" have not started anything on there website such as sending their condolenses to a former city great who deserves better from a former club.

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    • mmmm.. Man United earned the money they now have..They didn't take anything out of the pot when Glaser decided to raise a few hunder million. It's a given that..United have a brilliant marketing system, having started in the Asian arena before the rest woke up. They have indeed raked a lot of funds in through external marketing, sponsorship on a United shirt is worth much more than any other EPL teams.
      Once the headstart was created and United won the first Premier title, along came vast sums of winnings, further sponsor cash (from a source far worse than smelly arabs....The wholesome Americans), and coupled with Uniteds own TV rights agreement (against the wish of the rest of the league)..a financial advantage that would see United rule the roost...for 15 years effectively.
      United rake in more money in league position and CL monies that the other teams dont ever get a look in. No 30 mil player almost every season for Villa, Everton, City, Boro, Spurs, Toon. United have strengthened thier position by aquiring the best players (7 mil for Andy Cole...bought the title from Newcastle).
      Rooney, Rio Berbatov..all 30 mil+ (What other team has 100 mil to spend on players?).
      THE only thing keeping United at the top of the pile is CASH.
      Now that another club is able to compete for "some" of the players the top4 would like...we will see a slow change in the hierachy.
      Your point about academy/homegrown was obviously typed in haste......There are MORE ex City academy players playing first team football..than ANY other teams. For every United youngster out there, there are two City players.
      Name the recent (i dont mean George Best) United academy players that have gone on to make FULL national squad...there are 10 ex city kids that have represented thier full national squad.

      The remainder of your post is that of a jealous sad rambling idiot.

    • yes good player for city

    • The sad news is on the official City site.

      Chelsea supporters have short memories, buying success a few years back.

      You are welcome to Ade, he is actually quite good. But we have plenty of goals in midfield and upfront like Van Persie, AA, Bendtner, Eduardo, Nasri, Rosicky, Fab, Walcott, Vela, Wilshere. We need the money to tighten up defensively.

    • I thought you was going to say that you were ashamed because you are trying to buy your way to success and not earning it. You are just as bad as Real Madrid for attmepting to unsettle players and spending ridicuous amounts of money. Chelsea said John Terry is NOT FOR SALE, so why carry on the pursuit?