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  • Avenue T Avenue T Apr 15, 2010 17:13 Flag

    Manchester City might get third place

    Ok this may be fantasy, and may be a complete waste of time, but sit and consider for a few minutes the possibility that Manchester City may actually manage to get THIRD place.

    Ok Ok your starting to laugh, and may be your absolutley right, but, City have 5 games left, Arsenal 4, there are 9 points between the two, and that is a huge margin. Add to that the goal differece is stacked in Arsenals favour. BUT, lets just walk our way though the remaining games shall we.

    Arsenal have to play City, all be it at the Emirates, but what if City win, the gap is now down to 6 points and they still have a game in hand, and lets say if they win that game now both teams are on 35 games played and only three points seperate the two teams. Pressure is now on Arsenal, anymore slip ups against teams they should beat and a bouyant City are now right behind them.

    Sure this is only a dream of what might be but never let it be said that every so often dreams do come true.

    Citys run in is hard, 5 games left, 3 at home and 2 away. Lets just imagine three home wins, Manchester United, Tottenham and Aston Villa. All three can be beaten at Eastlands and all three need something out of the games, and that something is three points not one. Only Everton have won at Eastlands so that is not going to be easy for the away team at all.

    The 2 away games are against Arsenal and West Ham. By the last game of the season everything might well be over and done with, and so West ham will not exactly want to give Arsenal anything if it comes down to it.

    Yes this is all imagination, and lets be honest Arsenal might well end up winning all four games and even getting 2nd place, but what if it did happen.

    What if, what if, what if.

    Thank you for reading

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