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  • GREENLAND. GREENLAND. Oct 3, 2010 19:44 Flag

    Manchester United are the best

    To all you machester city fans heres my advice get out of town becuase there only room for one manchester and thats MANCHESTER UNITED

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    • Thanks for that "advice"..i am so shaking in my boots.

      I suspect that either: you lied on your yahoo profile age..or you suffer from anonymous forum user syndrom (whereby the poster thinks they are being clever but read from a different PC just makes the post look stupid and purile).

      united arn't even "in town" to start with.

    • Thank you for that inspiring message....it has certainly confirmed one thing and that is.....God UTD fans are utterly dull, think you need to get to bed early.....haven't you nursery in the morning.

    • Hahahahaha..M.City really fantastic now..while M.United..go down..DIE DIE M.United!!!!

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      • Spoke to soon didn’t you.
        £297,000,000 You should be fantastic, but alas
        You will be underneath united at the end of the season. As a concerlation you could lift your heads up towards untied #$%$ and sniff what success smells like. Looking forward to the Guard of Honour your team will be giving united at the next game. Are you looking forward to see that?

    • Man United & their fans have had it all their own way for to long, your on your way down get used to it Ha Ha, I can just see Tevez and Rooney scoring goals against you and sending you down just like Denis Law did all them years ago, I guess Ferguson may even leave the sinking ship soon HA HA HA

    • Hmmm check your map of Manchester you will find their is only one club inside the Manchester boundary.
      You obviously know very little of the city & it would surprise me not if you were not, or have never even been to the city.

      P.s I hope you fail your G.C.S.E's in 5 years time you brainless child

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      • I think you will find that when United were formed originally, they were called Newton Heath and you will find that is well within the boundary of Manchester.
        I believe just round the corner from your council house.
        So get your facts straight, before you start abusing united fans.
        The next time we play, your so called £297,000,000 team, will be giving United a GAURD OF HONOUR. You know the team made up of retired pensioners.
        I bet you will not be going to that game and I doubt that many other Blue nose fans will either as the embarrassment would be too much to bear. I think a lot of your fans will be buying Stockport County season tickets, next year. You can rave on about your 6-1 win over us all you want but for £297,000,000 I would expect nothing less from that team. I would also expect lots of silverware but you don’t have that either do you. Live with that shame! or you can become a Stockport County fan.
        Choice is yours.

      • If you harp on about that old tired idea of city being the only manchester club...
        try this one for size..city started up in Gorton which at that time was not part of MANCHESTER United started up in Newton Heath which was part of Manchester at that time. Oh I'm sorry that you can't be bothered looking at your clubs history, have you finished frothing at the mouth yet

      • Both teams are in Greater Manchester. Trafford Park is in Manchester. Not ONE City player in their first 11 is from Manchester, so this 'we're the only club from Manchester ' is #$%$ has always been #$%$ and always will be #$%$

    • the LORD said let there be light and there was light. for 34 years the darkness fell upon the CITY.

      34 years and NO TROPHIES.

      the LORD sent the camel drivers with countless wealth and gave them JUDAS ESTEVEZ and still NO TROPHIES.

      300 MILLION pieces of wealth later and still NO TROPHIES.

      the LORD gave up and said i have given you everthing but even i cant make a decent team from 11 camel scrotums guided by a MANCini type GORTON TANKER. aaarrrrmmen.

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      • Now now Paul, perhaps you're too young to remember but it took Taggart about 4 years to win a trophy after he joined you, and 7 years to win the league, and he had all the spending power in the world - as indeed Utd did for most of the period 1968-1992 when the title somehow eluded them every single year. I'd be surprised if City don't win something in the next 2 seasons (so 4 years from when we won the Abu Dhabi lottery), and if they don't win the league within the next 5.

        You cried when Chelski suddenly overtook you as the richest club in the UK and starting winning things, and you're doing it again now, all the more so because your own team are disappearing down the toilet. Selling Tevez to City, jesus wept, and just the idea that Rooney would consider joining us - even if it doesn't happen, doesn't this tell you that your team is in huge trouble? My memory goes back to 1974, Denis Law and all that. I laughed like a drain when you were relegated, and I'll be doing it again if you don't get rid of the Glazers.

        "Camel drivers". Nice touch. Do you call Asian people "Curry chompers" and Black people "spades" by any chance? Being red #$%$ is one thing, being a racist is even lower than that. Could I ask you to drop dead? There's a good boy.

    • Yawn! Sad red ignoramus


    • Which town are Manchester City supposed to 'get out of', mate? They're the only professional football club in the city of Manchester, which is where the majority of their supporters live (with some travelling in from Lancashire and northern Cheshire). 'Manchester' United, on the other hand, are based in the city of Salford - The club formed as Newton Heath FC - and most of their supporters are not from Manchester...or even the north west! Yes, United have a small hardcore of Salford based supporters, but they are mainly forced to travel to away fixtures as they are either priced or simply pushed out of contention for Old Trafford tickets by the fortnightly floodtide of southerners and midlanders that scoop up them up. I associate 'Man U' with Manchester and mancunians about as much as I associate Barbados with the winter olympics!

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