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  • David L David L Apr 12, 2011 05:35 Flag

    just a thought?

    why do we keep turning out defensive sides against the top teams, well actually away from home against everyone, we just invite them on to us. you never see man u, arsenal, chelsea, spurs do that they know the best way top defend is to harry, close down and attack opponents into submission. and every time we play that way the players don't try, it is almost like they feel that the manager doesn't think they are good enough to win and the best they can hope for is to not loose. even teams like blackpool, wba, stoke, everton atleast try to win.
    so we need more players i see in the papers, right the creative ones are going to come here so they can be turned into defensive midfielders. hell we are playing yaya as a attacking midfield, he was the holding player for barca.
    are we really to believe that with silva, johnson, barry, milner, wright-phillips, we can't find some creative play. all the top european teams play with at least 2 creative midfielders and 2 strikers. so we spent all this money to watch balotelli, dzeko can stand around looking disinterested, manu is scoring for madrid, bellamey for cardif.
    why not coyle or o'neill...............can it be worse?

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    • Basically, Mancini is just a bad manager..... City needed a win yesterday and for some reason, even with an FA cup semi on the weekend seemed to underestimate Liverpool... at home... with their terrible recent away record...And i don't get that. Liverpool are a BETTER side, a BETTER team. I mean Surely.. Mancini and the City fans didn't realistically think they could come to Anfiled to leave with any more than a point, did they. The way he apologised to the fans for the result, for putting the wrong team out.... It's sheer arrogance, and whats worse is he is being arrogant when clearly the team he was playing is better and would have got the same result even if Tevez hadn't got injured and Silva and De jong started.... Liverpool played well yes, but no different to how they would have done on any other day. There was just no challenge. This result just proves just what a club City are. A bunch of individual talents and alter egos who think of nothing but themselves. This was proved by the contribution Ballotelli made to the game and the reaction of Milner when substituted. The sheer fact that Lucas and Spearing bossed the midfield before Toure (a former Barca man) Barry AND Milner...... Sure, City maybe fourth and having individual traits of being able to score from 30 yards or picking the pin point pass to secure a 1-0 win against the Wolves and the Fulhams of the league (no disrespect) to get you into fourth in the table is all well and good, but they're not going to win a title this way which is the point of all this ridiculous spending on players you don't need, wasn't it? It's all about chemistry and understanding in your team. When you have 8 international players vying for starting 11 in every position it doesn't create competition, only friction within the squad thinking they're better than the player who is started the game and it's impossible for any team jelling to take place. Which is why Lucas and Spearing were able to play 3 individually 'world class' players of the park last night. UTD are winning titles with spending very little money each year. It's a stark contrast to what City are trying to achieve. My bet is on Liverpool to finish 5th, ahead of City in 6th. Becasue they aren't a team capable of working together in a difficult end of season run in. City are a joke of a team. Liverpool showed that last night.