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  • Despite being a City fan, i can not stop feeling buying success is unfair and destroying football. I would rather win by bring up players from the youth policy and not waisting money on signings. It was great to win today, but if the current owners left we would be in liquidation surely. £200k a week for Toure on our turnover is no way affordable. I just hope we do not end up destroying the football club.

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    • Harry your reply is this drivel? With the exception of real madrid and chelsea those top teams have earned what they get by success on the field and attracting supporters by investing in their grounds and facilities, Since when has city done that ? The only success until you spent hugely was under Joe Mercer and your board certainly treated him fairly NOT!! all the rest of your post is poor excuses and ps have you ever heard of using spell checker I've never heard of "heir money"
      what does this mean? "poaition" and waht is an "eam" and is it fair play to deprive the less advantaged of Manchester of affordable housing to pay for a stadium run bu a bunch of muppits who don't know the meaning of professionalism and still have to give away tickets in an attempt to fill a stadium they haven't paid for?

    • The money city spend is heir money or their owners and it is up to him how he spends it. It is not money deprived from all the other teams that the so called top teams have done by dmanding the lions share of tv money or by keeping their own gate receipts the only way a eam can break into he top 4 is by spending above their means and then growing ino their poaition we have seen to many good teams go into oblivion through the top teams greed and protectionism that is what this fair play is all about looking after the top teams in europe and making sure no one else has a chance of breaking into their slots why do you think this has come about to help the minnows ,smell the coffee

    • stop crowing over other clubs debts when you repay to the people of manchester all the social housing that has had to go for the debt incurred building your grotty badly managed stadium