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  • Buying success!

    You are absolutley correct you are buying success, you are also correct that it is helping to destroy football! oh well at least you'll have a trophy for the £10 million per week wage bill you have.

    Other teams have spent big in the past, but Citeh is a new financial standard which no body can compete with. You have to win everything next year, just to justify your current squad, imagine what you'll need to to win after the summer? there aren't enough competitions in football!

    Spurs spending Big? they spent a lot before Ramos arrived but nothing compared to Citeh. Wenger has never spent as much as citeh have in the last 2 years!

    Madness ensues!

    • "Wenger has never spent as much as citeh have in the last 2 years!"

      But were not talking the last 2 years were talking the last 2 decades...the time when Arsenal started claiming a top4 spot and the income from the league and CL that City didnt even sniff.
      Wenger was buying players City couldnt dream of affording 15 years ago...were playing catchup...or given the fact that Arsenal have to qualify for the CL this year..overtaking on nitro.

    • This is January2009 Transfers for Spurs that 'Arry completed
      Jermain Defoe (Portsmouth) £15m, Wilson Palacios (Wigan) £14m; Pascal Chimbonda (Sunderland) £3m; Carlo Cudicini (Chelsea) Free, Robbie Keane (Liverpool) £15m.
      This is what City spent in the same window Dzeko 27mil...

      He spent more than City did.

      That was a January window ...lets see if there are any more really cheap nuggets in this lot that Spurs have aquired..

      Kaboul 5mil, Bassong 8mil, Crouch and Krancar 10mil?, a pair of Kyles 4mil, Modric 16.5mil, Santos 5-8.6mil, Bentley?, Pav 14mil, Woodgate 8, Hutton 9, Bale 5, Bent 16, Boateng and Rose??...Berbatov 10...

      well over 120mils worth...and thats not including all the "Undisclosed"....yeah good old 'Arry has done it on the proverbial shoesting again.

    • Yes, we are proving that you can buy success, just like United did, but quicker.Talk about the kettle calling the pan black, they've still spent more than us in their quest for silverware. Now we can cherry pick the best players just like they have been doing for 20 years.