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  • This is January2009 Transfers for Spurs that 'Arry completed
    Jermain Defoe (Portsmouth) £15m, Wilson Palacios (Wigan) £14m; Pascal Chimbonda (Sunderland) £3m; Carlo Cudicini (Chelsea) Free, Robbie Keane (Liverpool) £15m.
    This is what City spent in the same window Dzeko 27mil...

    He spent more than City did.

    That was a January window ...lets see if there are any more really cheap nuggets in this lot that Spurs have aquired..

    Kaboul 5mil, Bassong 8mil, Crouch and Krancar 10mil?, a pair of Kyles 4mil, Modric 16.5mil, Santos 5-8.6mil, Bentley?, Pav 14mil, Woodgate 8, Hutton 9, Bale 5, Bent 16, Boateng and Rose??...Berbatov 10...

    well over 120mils worth...and thats not including all the "Undisclosed"....yeah good old 'Arry has done it on the proverbial shoesting again.