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  • webuncle webuncle Sep 29, 2011 13:24 Flag

    Mancini - On my shortcomings

    Only reason Mancini is putting in the boot for Tevez is to cast doubt away from his own shortcomings. With all the talent on the field City should have won but the game plan failed.

    Tevez might be saying the truth, that there was a misunderstanding and he was prepared to play.

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    • ermm did you see the game?
      1) 2 penalties turned down. Ref was a joke
      2) Munich are no push overs -- they destroyed manure 2 seasons ago
      3) Mancini has no shortcomings - he is awesome
      4) we will win the league this year and seal it end of April at home
      5) We will laugh at all you losers