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  • Alan C Alan C May 14, 2012 10:59 Flag

    the sky is BLUE over manchester.

    Well that shows how little you know, dedication to the blue you must be joking for seasons since getting the middleastlands they have been begging people to take tickets in an attempt fill their small stadium, they still didn't sell all their season tickets this season. The fans they do have spend no time on there own board but all their time being bitter on the United board, there are stupid comments from supposed other club supporters on here congratulating city and hoping city win again next season so that Fergie goes which only goes to show how good he is and how jealous of him that they are. and if you care to look at all the boozers round middleastlands that the area is red owned otherwise the utd slogans wouldn't be there

    • Season tickets were all sold City unlike your swamp where they were not.

    • And they call us "bitters".... Most successful team of the last 20 years but their fans are still just as jealous and hateful of anyone else's occasional success as usual. And they wonder why the fans of every other team (except the poor gooners who resent being our feeder team, and the red scouse who just don't matter to anyone except Utd) still hate Utd and were dancing with joy (QPR, Sunderland, probably everyone else) when we won the title. This fellow is apparently 56 years of age but is still throwing his toys out of the pram when life doesn't go his way. Very, very sad old bitter red rag.

    • hahahahahah 2 in 2 hahahahaha
      8pts clear and you #$%$ it up

      1 nil in your cup final
      6-1 at your cess pit

      we are the better team.
      What did you win this season?