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  • LEX LEX Sep 13, 2012 08:56 Flag

    The Sun a so called newspaper

    n light of all that has emerged about the Hillsbrough disaster
    I feel that all Football fans should boycott this worthless rag
    I am disgusted that so many lies were told and more to the point if the police could organise a #$%$ up in a pub 41 lives need not have been lost as in stead of the ambulances being held out side they could and should have been let in to start to save some lives.
    God alone knows how the 96 victims families feel will they be thinking was my loved one one of the 41 that might have been saved!! how awful that will be for them.
    I think its time to put tribal football support to one side and as a collective of football fans make sure the sun like the NOTW goes out of production

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