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  • get sturrock out now can.t get players,can,t attract players,scotsman, just look at what browns done for this country scotsman,as well,hope al you true fans can see that

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    • it's not wholely sturrocks fault that he can't attract the players he wants here.
      Ur expecting him 2 come in and start off where he left off last time, well newsflash, it doesn't happen that way.
      he is still trying 2 build a team he wants and that will take a bit of time, also u don't expect the players he has bought 2 start playing 2gether straight away do u? (if u do ur a fool) it gonna take time 4 them 2 gel.
      as 4 brown i can't argue, he should never had been PM, come back tony all is forgiven.

    • totally agree, all sturrock did was sit on his backside in the dugout, if my son played that badly for his team and he is only 14!! i would be going loopy at him not sat watching from a distance...and as for players apart from perhaps puncheon, doumbe and stack, they had no passion, it was like watching headless chickens run around in a field, do we practice Free Kicks!!!, or even passing the ball on the deck!!! why are we such a narrow playing side and continously play long balls from our keeper to fallon who cannot jump to save his life and then keep them long when he is not even on the pitch.... i am so angry and embarrassed to say i have a season ticket after sitting through what can only be described as a bad sunday pub league game (no offence to pub leagues)