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    As long as we beat he English.....

    Hey Bokks. We in Wale are sooooo glad the you did what was needed to tonight (mind it wasn't the win we hoped for!). We could't bear ANOTHER 4 years of gloating from the English! Bet the Pope's glad too - 15 or more less sainthoods he has to acknowledge!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I can assure you, that no English rugby team would ever knowingly reject the hand of a foreign dignitary and I am quite certain that a review of this incident will correct your judgement. I think you should take your victory, well-deserved at it is, and your vitriol, with you. Your comments are disgustingly anti-English and utterly offensive and have no placed in a civilised discussion.

    • Wales have never got into the final of anything, their greatest claim to fame is their great spirit during the Zulu war and how the Welsh Company defeated the swarming hoardes of Zulus at Rourkes Drift but it was an English Company commanded by English officers, Wales have nothing, they used to have coal but its gone, they used to have industry but its gone, they used to have a decent rugby team but its gone, they used to have passion but its gone, all Wales is now is a route to Ireland by ferry and as soon as everyone flies direct that will be gone too, Wales hey No 1 - 2 & 3 of the most impovorished towns in the British Isles, what a claim to fame.

    • But you English are the biggest lowlifes of all. How ungracefull in defeat can you get. Do you know the meaning of the word spotmanship....I don´t think so!
      You got a deserving pussklap!

    • spoken with passion - agreed

    • Typicacal Welsh, you've never won nothing, you hav'nt got nothing we English didn't either give you or take off you because you're so ignorant, you are part of Great Britain but to be honest you are and have always been the poor relation, if someone invented a 80 mile wide chisel it could be used to cut you free from the British Isles,i'd rther be gay, destitute and AIDs ridden than be Welsh. Well done South Africa, worthy winners of the Rugby World cup, to win you must beat the best and they have.Its what competitiveness is all about, i think Wales came about 15th lol

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      • As an educated Welsh person who can spell and write in a grammatically correct style. I take offence at the bigoted and racist tone of the writer who is obviously not a fit person to declare himself a sportsman;or in fact a man. I can take it on the chin when my country loses who by the way hammered England in a grand slam quite recently. England are glad to have Welsh men in their team to win the ashes for 'England' so stop bleating about our shortcomings and look at you own.

    • Well done to South Africa. Montgomery's kicking was excellent. England played well but the errors were there for the taking.I don't think the English have gloated over being champions.

    • It's just as well we did get to the final, can't rely on the welsh to do much can we? SA deserved the win, but to have the rest of the world and their uncles knock England because they got to the final beggars belief, get a life will you, I have probably supported Welsh rugby more than a lot of the so called Welsh fans, so wake up and smell the coffee, life is far too short.!!!