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  • Steve WWFC Steve WWFC May 30, 2009 18:38 Flag

    lets laugh at jockeys in general

    Point taken,but there is so much hatred

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    • Its a sad fact that there is sectarinism, bigotry and hatred are three things that have no place in Football, yet seem to be an immovable part of the game up here. Sectarianism and religious bigotry to a certain extent are products of an extremely divisive serioes of policy decisions by both the English and The First Free Irish Government. When the partitioning of Ireland came about the English wanted to keep the economically important and industrialised 6 counties of the north that is now known as Ulster (Ulster was in fact originally 9 counties, but we wont go into that). These six counties were primarily of Scottish Presbyterian descent and were the families that were evicted through the highland clearences when landlords evicted their tenant farmers as they could make nore money from sheep raising. These disposessed farmers made their way over to ireland and settled in the north which explains why there is a Protestant majority in the north of the country. The first irish leader, Eamonn De Valera, thought that having an independant , overwhelmingly catholic ireland was more important than having a free united ireland. Add these facts together and you have the breeding ground for everything we and have seen around us for the last 200 hundred years. It has nothing to do with william of oragnge whose army was made up primarily of catholic mercenaries from spain and france.
      The above facts are ignored by the majority of bigots from both side as it is an "inconvenient truth" and undermines he reasons for sectarian beliefs and bigotry in the first place.
      Steve WWC, i hope this explains a little of what this is all about. bigots and sectarian scum from both sides need to be educated, but what good is education if no one wants to listen?