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  • angus angus Nov 14, 2009 23:29 Flag

    they don't want me anymore

    How delighted I was to read that the EPL have rejected the inclusion of the Old Firm into any further expansion of the league. Maybe they might realise that they are only big fish in a very small pond and that they can't live in any pond without the other small fish. Maybe they should be asking themselves why? Do Rangers think it may be something to do with the quality (or better the lack of it) of their bigoted supporters? Do rangers even think it may be to do with the fact that everytime their support travels south of the border they trash everywhere they go to the detriment of true Scottish football supporters?

    One also has to ask oneself do the EPL and England want to encourage the type of bigotry we have been suffering from for years (not only when it comes to football, but jobs, schooling etc etc), do they want to subject their young friends to the baying masses that call themselves supporters.

    The time has come for the Scottish FA and the SPL to tell the two of them to shut up and get on with what they have got, change the league to stop this farce of playing everyone four times, it obviously hasn't helped the Old Firm's finances as they thought it would, because they are both nearly bankrupt despite winning the league and cups every year. They should also change the voting system to be fairer.

    And while we are on about bigotry maybe the Scottish Parliament, SFA and SPL should take a lead and start a campaign instead of fighting racism fight sectarianism

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    • Interesting comment Angus,i am a Celtic fan and i would like the sectarianisn to stop,but we all know this will never happen,as kids are told who they will support be it Celtic or Rangers there is no chance of this behaviour stopping.Rangers fans are well known for there aggresive behaviour whenever or wherever they travel,i think there are English links who help with the mayhem they cause.As for my team Celtic we have and always will have a big problem with sectarinism but on the behaviour aspect we are respected the world over we travel win draw or lose we always have a good time and all the country,s we go to we are made welcome and we just show total respect for the people who make us welcome.

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      • and cant help but think of the slogan........"one country many cultures"................and then we have a seperate schooling system that highlights religion??? We have the non denomination schools that are for everyone....and that is everyone......and then there is the RC schools??? why??? to protect who's values?? one education system should be more than adequate for our country where the kids can be taught about ALL religions and ALL cultures....then and maybe then will we be educating our future to embrace diversity rather than them growing up hating people just cos they went to a different "kind" of school.....cos i think that highlights religion from primary school age...and learned behaviour and all that....ends up with adults who may display the same behaviours!! thankfully most level headed people DO NOT grow older with these beliefs....but some families (on both sides) do breed staunch believers in their crusade against "the enemy".....what a #$%$ up society it can be.......oh and scottish football is #$%$ poor....went from season ticket holder in 2004 to someone who wouldnt waste the effort to change the channel to watch a game of what we call football.....never mind pay 20-30 quid for a ticket

    • 100% correct!

    • Are the English leagues frightened of the competition that both Celtic&Rangers can give them .in the past both teams have accounted for themselves in both European competitions and other tournaments down south ,for me the other teams in Scotland need to make the effort to get cash rolling the 'old firm'
      are being held back by lack of investment from the 'rest',we need to get the numbers up in each stadium to genarate cash.