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    Well it's started........only one team in the European up, it won't be long before there are none and we'll have to get through some meaningless tournament just to get into the qualifying stages. I don't think we will ever see Scottish teams either International or domestic rise up through the ranks again.

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    • well i guess scottish football is finding its level!!! the international team will in time rise up the ranks for sure but as for the domestic stuff well i cant but help be as pessimistic as yourself. While the top teams in europe are invited to the michelin star restaurants....scottish fitba is dining in the greasy spoon cafes. There will be a re-organisation of the european competitions again in a few years and it will become an elite league for the big players from the english, spanish, italian, german, french leagues etc. How they can still call it the Champions league is beyond me as very few teams are in fact the champions from their country. Its all about money money money.....but hey look at the all english final from the other year....combined debt of over a billion pounds!!!!! whats that all about??? complete and utter nonsense that these clubs are allowed entry to competitions when it looks like they are not been run properly

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      • Have to agree with what you say Jamesie. I think there will be a second stream in Europe and it will be made up of the Scandanavians, Dutch, Belgians, Poles, Swiss etc and run along the same lines as the European Cup (Champions League). This would be more beneficial for the Scottish teams (better to finish near the top of a smaller league than bottom of the top league), the style of football would suit us, the grounds would be closer and the climate would suit us better. Regarding finances sadly it's not that long ago the the Old Firm were the envy of all the British Clubs for their fan base and their financial stability, but due to unrealistic wages etc they are now in the doldrums like the rest. When I think back to the 60's the Kelly's and Boyles mad a lot of money out of Celtic Football Club where did it all go??? The good days will return but there will be fewer clubs, even the great Man U have been sold down the river by their American owners to the extent that they could wind up like Portsmouth..........World Football is in a sad way and it's all down to greed.

        Hey Jamesie did you know there is only one fitba team mentioned in the bible...............Queen of The South and it says "the Queen of the South will rise again".....don't think they'll make the SPL