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    Here we go again more premier rejects coming to Scottish football. it's just like Souness' day when he brought all those rejects to Rangers and won everything for a couple of years. Are things so bad that we have to take from the dross? Maybe if they had spent their money wisely and had a decent acadamy(they both use to have) then the Scottish clubs may get some decent YOUNG players.

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    • in souness's day rangers signed the england captain for a start.......so thats like a john terry, rio ferdinand or steven gerrard moving up north......hardly what i would call a reject!!! the england right back was signed.....england goalkeeper.....england midfielder......i would gladly take any of these such again in order to brighten up the SPL!! I somehow doubt we shall ever see the likes of those kind of signings again.......even average players from the EPL like bullard cost a bloody fortune. I often wonder if sky have really improved the game by throwing all their money at the english league........

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      • Have to agree with you on the Sky front anyway James. Sky are killing all sport, I remember the debate about Sky and terrestrial TV and the goverment of the day said that the Test Matches, Football Cup Finals, Footbal internationals, Rugby Test matches etc would stay with terrestrial tv as it was the preserve of the sporting public..........................didn't last long? They have killed british football and now they are killing rugby. We never see the Lions live when they visit South Africa/New Zealand/ Australia. We never see the test matches live anymore.

      • Very true James but unfortunately the Souness days are far far behind us. Its amazing how many duds drain Scottish clubs of big money. Juninho at Celtic was on a fortune and done nothing, the flip side is Lubo who cost nothing and was fantastic for Celtic. Rangers seemed the throw money at forign duds! Big Bertie Konterman was the worst player i have ever seen, scored a belter against the Celtic which i fondly remember.

        Has anyone got any idea why Hearts are in so much debt??

    • Watch out Scotland there are more rejects and crocks coming your way after the world cup

    • correct angus, i`m a celtic supporter but want sol campbell no where near parkhead. this is not a step forward, surely there are other centre halves about. jimmy bullard in my opinion would be a better signing just to add bite to a toothless midfield. the subject of spending wisely is a good shout. many managers make a bad signing but none more so than the last 2 managers at celtic, what a mess they have left. if any of the old firm want advice about football academy`s just look at hibs, motherwell and ross county. and then we get the the usual #$%$ coming out of managers mouths such as "a learning curve" and "we need time". how much time is needed to get round this curve? invest money correctly, have desire, passion and organisation and a team is 80% complete. the other 20% is down to the coaching of basic skills which is obviously not coming from the sfa courses down at largs. if all these things are met we wont need pretenders like campbell coming up to the spl. (ps, i hope steven fletcher comes to the hoops in the summer)

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      • kertur i am off the same mind as yourself,we dont want to sign Sol Campbell he has been a true pro down south,but in Scotland you dont have 5 seconds on the ball and this is where Sol would fail he is not the fastest player on the planet,so leave him at Highbury.Steve Fletcher would be an assett but Bullard NO!! he has had more sick lines than ave ad hot dinners,he would be a liability,.Cheers mate 1888.