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  • angus angus Nov 29, 2010 17:01 Flag

    On the subject of referees

    I have to say that the refs and linesmen have to take some of the blame themselves. How often do you see a player on television mouthing off at the ref/linesman where it is obvious that the "F" word is being used and yet you never see a yellow or red card, it's the same south of the border as well. In the case of Celtic their lout of a manager, because that's what he is an uneducated lout, he did it as a player and nothing was done and so it continues, his team see him get away with it so they do it. If referees had booked or sent off a player for foul language then maybe the clubs would start to take heed because they need eleven players to field a team and going by today's standards you would be hard pressed to keep eleven players on the field. The referees strike was the wrong option, if they were having a problem with certain managers/teams then they should refuse to referee those teams, hit them where it hurts most in their pocket. Sure they can import managers but that will cost them. The referee's should release to the public domain the vile rubbish that is being emailed to and at them and shame the clubs. Some managers believe provocation works well let's meet provocation with some action, red card the offenders, deduct points from the clubs with the worst disiplinary records, let's say a point for evry ten bookings or a sending off then the money men behind the clubs might wake up and take notice. I always think it's odd that Rugby is a far more aggressive game and yet the ref's word is law, there is no swearing at the ref, no backchat and these are players that are bigger and more aggressive than footballers, yet football has no aggression except on the terracing (and half of them don't know the rules of the game) and we all this vile abuse at the officials without which there would be no games.