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  • EDDINO EDDINO Jan 4, 2012 09:11 Flag

    fantasy golf league front 9

    Putting the finishing touches on the golf leagues and have a few for the EARNEST T LOVES BIRDIES league otherwise known as the FRONT NINE,our individual game based on how well you do vs the rest of the group in each tournament(just like a real tournament!). We'll keep a running standing throughout the year as always. Automatic points come from being a member of the front 9( the top 9 scores earn points from 18 to 2 depending on where you finish in the top 9. The decent dozen( top 12 scores) of course are eligible for bonus points, which can be secured by scoring 200 points or more,as well as by picking the winner or consecutive finishers anywhere from 1st to 1st to 5th. A new feature this year will be the majors being worth one and a half times the points as a regular tournament. Happy New Year all and if you'd be interested in joing us drop me a line at eddino55@yahoo.com. First qualified managers in will fill the league