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  • kevin kevin Jul 27, 2006 00:40 Flag

    Where r ya?!?!?

    Come on guys, I know that SUFC fans do exist.
    Used to live in Southend, but now in Florida.
    Don't get to hear much about Southend other than looking on the web.
    Any news on Agogo?
    I think we will have a solid season as long as Ricketts gets in on the goals with Eastwood.

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    • Shrimpers fan in Delaware USA. keeping tabs on the team. My step dad goes to all the home games. I am hopeful they will avoid relagation this year.

    • I'm a Blues Fan here in Florida as well though I've never been to Roots Hall. Going over for the Col Ewe game in April.

      Can we stay up?

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      • We have every chance of staying up.
        Although we lost at the lane, you can see the way we pass the ball, very calm and slick at times.
        Plus the fact we went on a good run there just before the Derby game.
        Not sure who is better to play up front with Eastwood but he's got to be banging the goals in too, he's been too quiet lately.
        Probably some talk going on behind the scenes during the transfer window which isnt helping him.

    • great to see SUFC are recognised around the world. As long as nobody picks up on how perceptive our chairman, Manager and Assistant manager are. Agogo awsn't interested in us and is now not doing much for his current team. Ricketss is now looking at a deal with one of our rivals . He should thank the blues for maKING HIM REALISE HE WAS 2 STONE OVER WEIGHT AND HSI MOVEMENT WAS POOR. The capitals are quoted from N INTERVIEW HE Gve to a national newspaper.
      While it would have been great have two willing stars added to our line up. We do not seem to have missed too much. Come On blues see off Barnsley tonight. I cannot believe all these sportsman who cannot admit to themselves that they cheated. All this I didn;t know what part of me the ball hit is cobblers. How come they never forget the career highlights which stay within the lws of the game.
      we do not need the Coulsons of this world. Just be honest Blues that all we want.

      js hawkwell

    • I like the look of Hooper + think either he or Bradbury just might be the main scorer alongside Freddy.
      Best thing from the last couple of seasons is the way virtually every player has weighed in with goals.

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      • Yeah it's good to see them all weighing in, however the style of play will be different from leagues 1 and 2. The quality of play in The Championship is certainly higher as more players are staying with they're clubs when they come down from the Prem. However I think the boys might raise some eyebrows this season as the style of play may be more suitable for them.
        I think Ricketts will be more ideal for Eastwood though as they will compliment each other well.
        I heard there was a bit of a bust up at training the other day, whats the latest?