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  • Totally agree, they should get on a roll now. If they can beat Rooney and Ronaldo then they can beat anyone!

    We must keep Freddy though. He is so often on the scoresheet saving our necks and there are bound to be some tempting offers in January. I would understand though if he was sold. £5m is being touted at the moment and that would get us some good additions which we really need. We do need him though and I would suggest keeping him until the end of the season if we can.

    Having said that we must have got a few quid on the ticket sales and TV rights last night and who knows who we'll get in the next draw! If we're away to Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea or Newcastle then the gate reciepts will be massive!

    Anyway the fact is we won, fair and square against a team that on paper should have crushed us into the dirt by half time. Even Fergie had no complaints. A fantastic result lads, let's keep it going!!

    Onto the semi finals!!!!!!!!!!

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