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  • sabeeh m sabeeh m Dec 12, 2005 16:53 Flag

    Becks Vs Wright Philips? Who rules in the right flank?

    Beckham has got that killer swirling crosses. Wright philips has the pace and skill to force a good save 4rm the keeper.
    Wright philips chance of making the first team is indeed very less.He might get maybe only 20-30minutes to show what he has got.
    Beckham is havin a good spell at real madrid but wright philips is havin an even better spell.
    Unless Eriksson doesnt make becks play in the centre ,Philips skill 4 england is as good as nothin'.

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    • wright phillps is better but he needs more first team action

    • Philips has some real talent. He is quick off the ball and has some good pace. This is probably Becks last WC. I can't see Sven benching Becks for Philips unless he is being handed to many cards or snubs another penalty shot. Beck's still has talent when he is on his game. Lets hope he carries that into this years cup. This cup will be what people remember him by and I believe he realizes this. Philips in the mean while will have to be content with being a second half 30 to 10 min player. There equally talented, just two totally different style players. (especially their height LOL).

    • I'm guessing the guy who started this conversation is a chealsea fan because I don't know anyone who'd pick Wright Philips over Beckham. Beckham's one of the most naturally gifted footballers playing today. i don't deny that Wright Philips is a great footballer, but personally I'd take beckham on a bad day over Wright Philips on a good day. (i really hope) Wright Philips should peak for the 2010 World Cup.

    • Beck’s is what we need for physical games against teams like Germany and the Czech Rep. Let him get in there bang around and use that big cross of his. Phillips should be used as a super-sub against tired defenses and maybe start in games where the pace is quicker, Brazil, Argentina.

    • I think the bigger problem is how to get the best out of Gerrard, Beckham, lampard in one midfield set up. Personnally I think you can't have all three because all three do not work well together. Two out three with the other operating as a sub would be better form my perspective. maybe the problem will be solved for us because by the time the cup comes both lampard and Gerrard will have played so many games that I worry they won't be fit.
      Svens problem is that he has not been as ruthless with stars as he needs to be, he needs to use his talents to create a a real team ethos... if he needs to cut out a few stars to do this then I hope he has the guts to do so. I for one would prefer to see a midfield with a couple of stars and a couple of real workers to meld the thing together. It may seem crazy but if it means the team gels rather than doesn't then we'll benefit. People will disagree I am sure.

    • its close to call but id pick beckham even though he needs a kick up the #$%$ to motivate him, maybe knowing that this will be his last chance to win a world cup as he is 30 years old will be motivation enough, plus with his best mate Gary Neville sitting in Defence behind him the two running up the flanks are trouble for any team

    • There both good at what they do but I think we would miss beckhams influence and quality crosses. Wright-phillips is a good player to bring on in the 60th minute to run at a tiring defence.