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    The Handballing Argie Is At It Again

    I see that little cheat has been causing havoc on the airlines cos he was late boarding.
    Glad to see no hand of God came down and helped him this time

    little cheat

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    • Ive got loads of combinations for the americans.

      AMERICANS + FOOD = FAT #$%$

      I dont give a #$%$ if Pretty much the whole world hates the english, i am still english and proud.
      Ok we have a bad reputation in recent years. And hooliganism is a problem we are definetly not proud of.
      Remember the germans in 1998 they rioted just as bad as us!!

      Sheffield Little you are a stupid little #$%$ and if u live in england i suggest u #$%$ off too a country you appreciate, i predict u r probably some #$%$ asylum seeking little #$%$.

    • There are two sides to every story, lets take item 1 in 1974.... Although I'm not a Spurs supporter I was at that game and saw the so called trouble. The incident was sparked by Dutch supporters throwing beer cans and coins at the Spurs supporters. The Spurs supporters threw them back, the reaction of the police was to rush into the Spurs supporters indescriminately batoning them. I saw one young girl of 14/15 with bruises on her forearm wher she just tried to protect herself. Heysel I've covered and I dare say there are people who witnessed the other incidents and can have their say. There are two sides to most stories unfortunately there have been incidents of Soccer hooliganism by supporters in this country, but I notice your last mention was in 2000. The English have moved on, it is now a problem in other European countries where they have not grown up yet....

    • Well Said.....

    • Dear sheffield little, you are the most narrow minded short sighted blinkered little #$%$ that i have ever heard.
      What about the champions league quarter final last year between inter and milan which had to be abandoned because of crowd trouble? If that had been an english club we'd have got a five year ban.
      Incidents like these happen week in week out in italy in serie a.
      if you want to generalise then all italian fans are racist fascists ala paulo di canio.
      Hooliganism is a eurpean problem and it is pricks like you who give the english a bad name through your ill informed opinions.

    • agreed SACRES86 is a scot, unusally, cuz most scots i know are a little more supportive seen as there team is #$%$

    • Its comforting to know that nearly 20 years later the hand of God still annoys you queers. Just remember that it was not in fact God that beat you that day, but just a man. A truly remarkable man, a genius that will forever remain the greatest player that ever walked the Earth.

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      • Great.......a supporter of the fat little argie agrees it was just a man.

        but you failed to say a cheating little man and whats even more funny is cos us Brits are allowed to slate the little #$%$ it annoys the face off everyone else that we remind u all, haha.
        We dont deny that he probably scored one of the best world cup goals ever with his second goal, but i beg to differ with u on the greatest of all time, more qualified people than us have voted Pele, Eusibio, Di Stefano and Georgy Best ahead of El Gordo, or havent you been listening.

        Maybe you prefer a fat cheating, druggy sniffing extorsionist as a role model for you, your kids and your nation, i wish you luck my friend, your gonna need it.

      • Yes I agree, have you seen how much coke he can snort in one go? truly remarkable....

    • Get over it!!