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  • Paul Paul Jan 6, 2006 07:59 Flag

    The Handballing Argie Is At It Again

    And in adition to my earlier comments, after talking to two seperate friends one an actual eyewitness who were there.

    The Trouble was sparked off by Italian Supporters throwing missiles and spitting at the Liverpool Supporters.. The Stadium was falling to bits and UEFA had to take some of the blame for putting on the final in a delapidated stadium. The Italian Supporters in block Z were in the Liverpool part of the Stadium and their tickets were supposed to be for neutrals. The Liverpool Supporters in response to the provocation charged at the Juve supporters, all that stood between them was a thin wire fence and some totally unenthusiastic policemen.
    So get your facts straight, the Italians were as much to blame for that day as were the English...

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    • PaulPatten, you are a sick man.
      The Heysel is only one of the numerous "incidents" made by the hooligans (also called "england football supporters") over the years, all over Europe.
      With a little search over the internet, you can get the list of these "incidents".
      Don't defend the undefendable: hooliganism is English as much as marmalade and warm beer, and "england fottball supporters" create havock wherever they go. This is one of the reasons why the English are hated around the world.
      THEY ARE ANIMALS and I hope you are not one of them

    • 1974 Tottenham banned from playing two European games at White Hart Lane after fans riot in Uefa Cup final at Feyenoord

      1975 Leeds banned from Europe for four seasons, later cut to two, after riots during European Cup final in Paris

      1977 Manchester United expelled from European Cup Winners' Cup after crowd trouble against St Etienne. Later reinstated

      1980 England fined £8,000 after riots in Turin during European championship game v Belgium

      1981 England fans cause £60,000 damage in Basle after World Cup defeat by Switzerland

      1983 Tottenham fans riot in Rotterdam. England fans rampage in Luxembourg

      1984 Tottenham supporter shot dead in Brussels and police hold 200 fans after riot before Uefa Cup final against Anderlecht

      1985 39 people die at Heysel stadium, Brussels, before Liverpool's European Cup final against Juventus. All English clubs banned indefinitely from European competition

      1986 Five stabbed in riot between followers of Everton, Manchester United and West Ham on a cross-channel ferry

      1988 English soccer officials withdraw request to allow clubs back in Europe after violence during European championship finals in West Germany

      1990 England fans clash with Italian fans and police in Rimini before a World Cup match in Bologna. English clubs readmitted into European competitions

      1992 Violence by English hooligans in Malmo and Stockholm at European championship finals raise doubts whether England should host 1996 tournament

      1993 England fans clash with Dutch police in Amsterdam on eve of World Cup qualifying game against Holland

      1995 Friendly international against Republic of Ireland in Dublin abandoned after 27 minutes when England fans riot

      1996 Hooligans riot in Trafalgar Square after England lose to Germany on penalties in Euro 96 semi-final

      1997 Italian police baton-charge England fans at Rome's Olympic stadium after supporters cause trouble

      1998 England fans cause trouble during England's opening match of World Cup 98 against Tunisia in Marseille

      2000 English hooligans arrested by Danish police after riots before Arsenal v Galatasaray Uefa Cup final in Copenhagen