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  • Bob Bob Jan 28, 2006 01:05 Flag


    Who do you think runs the world cup? Some american second rate sports organisation? FIFA run the World Cup. The USA never got seeded because they wern't good enough, simple as that. FIFA's World Cup Organising Committee announced the seedings for the 2006 finals on December 6th 2005.

    As well as hosts Germany and holders Brazil, the top seeded nations are: Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, England and Argentina.

    All teams in the competition are seeded but only the top 8 go into Pool 1 for the draw.

    The criteria for calculating the rankings is not based on the last 8 years international games although because they use the last 2 world cup final competitions the time span is spread over 8 years. Although I expect that difference is far to complicated for you to understand.

    Fifa has used the same ranking co-efficient as in 2002 basing the seedings upon performances at the previous two finals combined with world rankings from the previous three years.

    Brazil 64
    England 51
    Spain 50
    Germany 48
    Mexico 47
    France 46
    Argentina 44
    Italy 44
    USA 43 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< not in the top 8 get it?
    Holland 38

    So please try to get your facts correct and try not to resort to insults when your proven wrong.