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  • Brant Brant Jan 26, 2006 06:24 Flag


    " (the last world cup for any stupid Americans reading) "

    What about any smart Americans who might be reading?
    Best World Cup game I ever saw was the 86 France-Brazil game. Yes, England was robbed by the Hand of Maradona, but then again, they also went down 5-1 to Germany in 2001.
    What's amazing is that the US can play competitive football with the rest of the world considering (a) how many American kids focus on football, baseball, and basketball, because that's what makes money and gets on TV, (b) how bad our training programs are compared to the rest of the world, and (c) how we cripple our players' development by limiting the amount of practice time they can have while going to college. To our credit, we probably have the most educated soccer players in the world :)

    How about asking this another way?
    If the US team was such #$%$ why would European teams be snapping up our players? McBride, Reyna, Bocanegra, O'Brien, and of our keepers, Beasley, Ramos, Harkes (maybe you remember him - Goal of the Year, won an FA Cup...), Spector, Gooch, among others. How many more would happily play overseas if they didn't get treated like #$%$ just because some fans disagree with our government?

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    • Sorry lets just get this one straight, you think England went down 5-1 to Germany in 2001 right? Check your records fella. You will find it was the other way round. We played them off the park in their own back yard. Intelligent Americans indeed!!

    • "England was robbed by the Hand of Maradona, but then again, they also went down 5-1 to Germany in 2001"

      I screwed up. I wrote that backwards. I was even in Germany watching on TV when that happened. I meant to point out that they got screwed before but had a pretty big moment recently.

      Doesn't change the fact that the US team is pretty good, and even better considering all the constraints they deal with...

    • He has a point, If you're gonna spout stats, get them right. The England Germany game was the high water mark of Sven Goran Ericsson. They absolutely kicked the living #$%$ out of the Germans...Don't make the rest of us look bad by being completely ignorant.

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      • look , enough of this 'i hate americans' #$%$. Yes , the government of the U.S of A are terrible fascist #$%$ and universally hated by the average geeza the world over , and their entire institution is built around a bald faced lie that they don't even seen to realise (even after Katrina) but their team is pretty good and getting better. They made the quarters last time (same as us - England) and were unlucky to loose to the germs. As for other american sports - personally i like baseball and basketball but that doesn't mean the rest of the world needs it shoved down their throats in the form of fuckin Kevin Costner or some other lightweight half pint drinker.
        I predict England for the final (if they can avoid Brazil) and the U.S could go quarters again.