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  • Wobbly_gob Wobbly_gob Jan 27, 2006 23:31 Flag

    England Manager

    The papers seem full of xenophobic rants demanding that the next Enland manager has to be English or at least British.

    Does this mean that Chelsea Fans (Portugese manager), Arsenal Fans (French Manager) and Liverpool fans have been ignored in the polls ?

    Alternatively, if you are going to argue that for club football it doesn't matter, why wouldn't we, the England Supporters, want the best man for the job ?

    Yes old baldie pants down has made a bit of a hash of the PR side of things and to be honest, he would seem to be the only reason why Beckham and Owen have played almost every game but his record is a damned good one. Lets make sure we get the best man for the job irrespective of his nationality please !!

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