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    who do you think will win the WC? seriously

    I reckon the dutch will do it, i know i know the dutch always bottle it but van the man is back and always comes to fruition in the big games, arsenal 49 and out

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    • Its gonna be the italians this time....theyre gonna kick all the others out big time......

    • everyone thinks brazil are the favorites, and they are good, but they will not win in europe. it will be a european team.

      i would say england, italy, the czechs, germany, holland or spain.

      spain and holland must be the most hungry for it, since they have never won a world cup, so i think they may have a good chance.

    • Who cares

    • Brazil, Italy, Germany and France are always there or there abouts but I reckon we might see a new name on the cup this dont know who but maybe an Afican team or even an East european team.... Cant see England doing it as we can't win 7 games in a row and are #$%$ at penalty shootouts but who knows maybe this time it might be different!!

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      • france, the frogs have no chance its a one trick team, didnt get out of the first round last time around, they let Greece embarrass them in the Euros and only just qualified from their group relying on all the old knackered names to get there. France dont stand a chance.

        Come to think of it that should be our World cup song, be better than the no direction drivel that we are currently supposed to support as our wc song. France dont stand a Chance has a certain ring to it.

        Brazil have to be the favourites, id put England second if we can take our big names, lets hope Owen is back to speed quickly and lets hope and pray Rooney's injury from the Chelsea game isnt to bad. Without those two we wont get out of the first round.

    • My mind tells me Brazil, but that pick is boring, so I am going with my heart and will be cheering on the Lions! I think if your defense can stay strong, and Rooney gets a healthy in-form strike partner next to him, I think Brazil and the rest should commence their nail biting now.

      BTW - I am an American and have read some of the previous posts and would like to say, yes we have some fools here, but comments that are in the boards here are not totally representative of America in general.

    • brazil or framce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hello there!
      I want to share my opinion with all of you.
      Firstly, I'm a hardcore brazilian fan since I was 10yrs old. My first world cup was italia90'. I believe many of you here are more experienced than me.
      Apart from that, I managed to collect a lot of old footage from old world cup since 1930s. You name it, I've got it!
      Of course, history is such a boring suject to some people but, 'to tread on forward you may have to look back once in a while'.
      In the history of WC, every defending champions will have a certain jinx on them accept for Italy and Brazil, the only two teams to have won the WC back to back in the 1940s for the italians and 1950s for the brazilian.
      The only team to have won on any known continent where the WC is hosted is of course Brazil! (DUH!!) In fact, the first WC Brazil won was on european soil which was in Sweden. They fail spectacularly in their maracana stadium before that, by Uruguay.
      Of course the smart money is to choose a new WC champion. So, below is my analysis which can be subject to criticism;

      1. Brazil, I believe they will rewrite history again. (also, I'm a hardcore brazilian which makes it hard to appear unbiased). They are the first defending champion to undergo the ritual WC qualifications to qualify.
      2. Germans, due to the homeground advantage.
      3. Italy, one of the european team to have known to win the WC outside their country and on a european soil.
      That's all. Of course, for the team I didn't mentioned, here are the reasons I chose to do so.
      4. England, by far the most impressive european team Ive seen in a while BUT, luck is always not on their side when it comes to the playoff stages and on penalties WHEN, they are playing outside their country. I remember when England boasts such player as Gary Lineker and Paul Gascoigne but, it was not to be due to their bad luck. I do sincerely believe that they could win it if the WC to be hosted in England itself.
      5. Holland, ah! The ever vibrant team not to win the elusive WC. What can I say, this is a team that revolutionized football! BUT, Holland is a team usually jinxed in the later stages of WC! It always happen on penalties shootout and the final stage itself! I don't know why.
      6. Argentina, bullish and creative! What a team! I like them but, when playing outside the south american continent they always tend to fail spectacularly. They need to rub that jinxed off!
      Of couse, one could say that a new millenium needs a new history. I totally agree with that! That's why on 2002, I did predicted Brazil to win, because I believe history will be rewritten again on the asia continent but with a different twist! What was it? Yes, in the finals, two old world juggernaut meet each other for the first time in WC history! I mean on the final stage.

    • bobby robson will get you #$%$ nowhere. even the north could beat you. they beat us.

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