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  • Holy Bee Jesus, Brian McBride is their main Forward


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    • I have to agree with you Trojan, the yanks will be one of the first teams gone, they won't beat italians or the czechs.

    • He's a #$%$ retard...send him back to his spastic relatives in Brighton.

    • What a nice man............

    • It's amazing that Americans who like to win everything going have not put serious effort or resources into football in the Usa to try to win the biggest sporting prize on the planet.Good at athletics not so good at footie but it's getting more popular there all the time.

    • Nice work Jeremy. Nice name by the way. Your all caps pasts continue to amuse. Go back to your dungeon, the dominatrix is wondering why you are late.

    • Every time you post Bob, you just prove my point. Thank you.

    • Hello, I'm an American, and a fan of footy. ... It's true, the "Major League Soccer" league for footy that we have here in The USA is simply not a hotbed of the world's best talent in this sport. Our MLS league, talent-wise, would never be able to compete with the likes of the clubs of Europe and South America ....

      Even many of our American players go to Europe to play where the money is so much better, in the same way that many Europeons come here to play professional basketball.

      Unfortunately, since this sport of the foot does not have massive appeal here in the States, there is not enough money to lure the world's best players to play here in the USA in Major League Soccer. ........ Hypothetically, if the demand, and hence, the money, was here, players the likes of Ronaldinho may very well choose to come to the USA to play, seeing as how there are 1,000,000 Brazilians living in the USA. But, of course we all know that that kind of thing will not happen, because there will just never be the demand ( and hence, the money ) in this country.

      It's a shame that the large majority of sports fans in this country ( the USA ) do not appreciate such a beautiful game. It makes it lonely for me because, when I finish watching a great match on television ( in either MLS, Europeon, or wherever ), I am not able to call a friend and say, "Hey, did you see that great match?!" ...... I am also a fan of Formula One, and the National Hockey League, which are two more sports Americans don't seem to care about. It's lonely being this American sports fan! LOL

      Just a quick note about our World Cup squad, though. Some of the players are made up of players for our MLS clubs, and some are from the Europeon clubs.

      Anyway, when I heard that ESPN is going to show on Wednesday the match between Arsenal and Bracelona, I just about jumped out of my chair with excitement! I couldn't believe an American sports television network would actually consider it enough of a priority to show this match! But, I am happy that they are going to show it! :-)

      If anyone would like to chat, my name is John Smith, and I can be reached at johnsmith2022@yahoo.com .. Thanks!

    • 1st We Are all friends. We are all mates

      2nd Overrated maybe, but I think they will finish above you, 1st and 2nd, fingers crossed the Czech top the group.

      3rd Bitter really doesn't agree with me, I tend to go for ice cold cerveza, Sol is nice, try with a hint of lime. Also #$%$ off to Scunthorpe, not really my scene, Hard-Core pornography maybe, but knocking one off to football match is something that just seems a little queer

      4th Whacked you 10v0 in America, well it was in 1964, though it was 14 years after the debacle in Brazil 1950, though I do remember Kieran Richardson knocking a brace past you in 2005 in America, 2v1 right.

      5th I spout any nationality #$%$ I don't just focus on America if your where French I would insult you even more and god forbid if you where Kraut or from Argentina then I would almost certainly lay into you. See, I just don't rate your nation at football...Yeah, Yeah, we are 4th blah blah…Lets be honest you still have some way to go... Though words like these wouldn't hurt a big tough guy like yourself. You know I can be ever so reasonable when I want to be , and if you got to know me you might like me.

      6th Northern Ireland and the ‘mighty’ Azerbaijan, Humour I like it. So whats your opinions on Panama, Guatemala, the mighty Trinidad who might put on one over us, so I would like your thoughts, maybe past them onto Sven. Also is it true that St. Kitts And Nevis have a team, do they come under CONCACAF (sweet name, bless), and have the US played them, would be a equally balanced game , cause I'm sure their a quality team, old St.Kitts. Look it up, tell me I would like to know. Also concerning N.Ireland, yeah we lost everyone has those dark days in football, 5v1 Czechoslovakia in 1990, Iran in 1998 (I’m still laughing about that one.)

      7th Why don't you put that achievement over the top of your badge, ‘4th in the FIFA world rankings in April‘, I'm sure they could fit it on. Beats having a star their instead. You seem to know the a #$%$load of football having read your England posts pcase, you have the immense knowledge of the game more so then many English men. So ,you, alone must have a bit of insight into the fact that the Ranking System is pointless list by FIFA. How comes your country wasn’t seeded, surely being the 4th Best team in the world FIFA would instictly hand you place of many other teams, hence avoiding a Group With Italy and Czech Republic.

    • I might be the only Jock supporting England but I don't need your biased and quite frankly stupid bigoted comments so #$%$ off down the pub, where no doubt you'll have to watch the England matches while i'm in Germany watching live football. Just maybe (I hope you will have a power cut).

    • Yep and every good athlete they have ever had was black, from J. C. Owen through to the present day. That must hurt them!

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