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    To All Brits: ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

    Hopefully England, through some miracle, will advance to the Round of 16 and we will meet you there. It'd be better for us to play against easy teams before we take on Brazil.

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    • whats this japanese revisionist history...the bombs were dropped to get unconditional surrender.....what had people not wanting the war got to do with it hirohito was regarded as a god....does your wife know about nanking cos no japs i met there had heard of it

    • How sad you are,either your so old ( you should no better ) or you are a complete #$%$ what the hell has wars and incompetance from AMERICANS got to do with FOOTBALL,how bloody sad you are to take time out of your boring day, obviously eating yourself to death at the same time because you have time to kill,researching all that history,its probably because your so OBESE AS MOST AMERICANS ARE, that you cant even get out of your own house,OH! AS FOR THE FOORBALL AMERICANS -WHO ARE THEY, THEY WILL BE KNOCKED OUT IN THE FIRST GROUP STAGES.

    • right then....
      1st, i have English Welsh and Irish blood (DONT FEEL SORRY FOR ME ITS STILL RED)
      2nd my wife is Japanese
      3rd the dunb yanks ( check out the ratio of iq and votes in the last election ;-)) delayed the signing of Japans surrender ( yes the vast majority didnt want any war at all) for a week so they could drop the a bombs #$%$" so all of you are blagged by your self righteousness.
      unfortunatly its the rich who enjoy the power to destroy lives (yes even the English) so either you are on the side of truth or you are a completely gullible braindead waste of space. just carry on living in your world where the "president" or "prime minister" is god and pure and the rest of us will carry on living in the #$%$ those pricks cause.
      oh yeah, this is about football?

    • dont lie to be a bore but we lost the battle of hastings just a lil ol battle but it resulted in us being under french control for a few hundred yrs.

    • Are you aware you cretin that they don't allow bombers and redneck marines on the field of play in football. you can't even take on small countries at war when you invade them we have to help you out of the #$%$ every time

    • Only got to look at the loser who started this........ By the way, anyone remember the storming success of Vietnam? Yanks normally tend to kill more of their own with their superior technology along with their tobacco chewing inbred soldiers, 'friendly' blasting each other to pieces.

    • excuse me for being pedantic, but at Hastings but I think the French won that one against the Saxons....England didn't exist as a nation then....and as a further note, the Saxons were from the region now known as Germany...

    • oh dearu poor little fool do you really belive that to be true? the russians took what they wanted no more no less because if you look outside your country for once youll see that everwhere that they have now left has at some point gone to cival war, after ww2 europe could not of handled that it would of started again so thats why the took so many lands, also why were on the subject we were winning ww2 the germans failed to invade us the tide had turned you girls came along and made a long job slightly shorter(and thanks for that) but you did not and still do not keep world peace but what else from a country that as good as teaches your kids that ww2 was a little thing in europe that you came over and sorted it out, your goverment and press are as bad as any commies you just dont see it (green day do)dont get me wrong im not ani usa my inlaws are yanks and my sister lives among them and i lived in florida but you let yourselves down by always confirming all the bad stereotypes there are

    • Check the draw you #$%$ it is not even possible

    • You are too stupid to see it, it was a scot that invented the television and without tv your poxy bill gates wouldn't have his windows hence neither YOU or ME would be looking at this so don't thank a yank for this message board thank a brit

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