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  • I refer to the game of Swiss vs Korea.

    The referee has turned so many blind eyes on the mistakes made by the Swiss and offered as many yellow cards as he had prepared for the Korea.
    Reason being because the TOP Official of FIFA is a Swiss and he was there to support the Swiss team and the referee wanted to performed his "BEST".

    Totally #$%$. After the other referee has raised his flag, Swiss shot the 2nd goal. Even for a normal non football mania, I can tell that is to stop the game as someone has made a mistake. The rest of the players slowed down their pace after seeing the flag up. However, our "HERO" referee in the field credited the 2nd goal.

    Is he good enough and qualified to be a Referee or he's just a professional BOOT LICKER !

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    • Look at the poor treatment the Australian team has had to put up with. Surely no ref could be that bad, the Croatia game was a shambles as far as the ref went, watching it, one could have mistaken it for another totally different game. Viduka being grabbed and thrown to the ground, no penalty, play on. Deliberate handball in the box, play on, no penalty. then came the best of all 3 yellow cards to one player, that is Mickey Mouse stuff, to put it mildly. It gives the impression no one want this team here, they are being treated like leppers and need to be exterminated at all cost,no matter what. No other team in this competition has had to put up with such blatant biased refs.

    • i agree!!
      not just that game tho, the refs love the brasilians and today why was the swede sent off??? dodgy germs back to their over exaggerated diving skills again.
      once again the favouritism of the refs will destroy the cup........

    • Ha ha ha had to laugh at the "corrupted" referee jibe against Korea! Was this the same Korea team that benefited from two of the worst refereeing decisions in the history of the game during the last world cup?? No? I reckon when it comes to corruption South Korea took the #$%$ biscuit. Thank #$%$ they are going home.