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    Is diving spoiling the game?

    Is diving spoiling football or should we accept that it is now a big part of our game and just get on with it? What can referees do to minimise foul play on the pitch?

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    • Video evidence after the game should be an automatic deduction of 3 points, if the referee is satisfied that a dive has been committed during the game a red card should be issued together with a 3 point deduction, we will then see football return to a sport and not a business of overpaid actors.

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      • Of course – no question - easy fix is to stop the cheating coaches such as Luiz Felipe Scolari who encouraged his Brazilian side to do the same thing in the last world cup. Fine them heavily 100K+, Ban them – make them coach in the Italian league – but get these cheats and hypocrites out of the game before we see this puerile practice make its way into the youth games…

        Let great players be great players not soap stars…

    • well my thoughts are in all situations in life -simplisity is needed in which ever desition is taken. futbol where very large sums of money are involved.in the case of betting. where also the die hard national or club supporter spends a large part of there time & money in supporting his team.lt is only right to follow avenues to make futbol a justifieably fair sport for the good of the sport. the reffery isn't super fit to be at all times 15 yards of the action to make a just decision.so referies have a very difficult job theres no doudt about it what so ever.oviously u cant have 2 refs on the field at the same time thats going to interfer with the game.
      one good aspect which only this year lve seen is the use of a mouth piece used by the ref to comunicate to his linesman.why now only -futbol was in existence for many years.the problem with fifa (its like the catholic church-lm catholic so l'm hitting my own)They are scared of change.

      change in certain things in life for the good is critical in life today.people must accept that.look at cricket for example -l'm south african so l know cricket .today it is such a fare sport due to technology,there are special ampires 2 or 3 l hope, with the instant replay in 2 seconds they come up with a 99 % just decision .and every one sees it on the slow replay. rugby gone the same way . and both of these sports collectively dont generate the amount of money soccer does.
      so why cant soccer take the same route - it has to. if l betted money on a team and my reward if that team won was so much money and during the game a player dived in the boks and the ref gave the penalty.and in the replay it was clear no contact was visable or an errevelant amount was present-who do l sue fifa or the ref. isn't my concern justified.
      with technology in use even refs cant be bought.with so much on stake its easy to bribe a ref with say 500 000 dollars depends what on stake thats a simple fact.
      look at that intercontinental final between liverpool & sao paolo that was disgusting, and please let me know how much did the winning team receive financially prise money -besides marketing. is 100 000 000 dollars close?
      please let me know.l dont know the acual prise money-love to know.this world is so small.the final was between an latin team and anglo european team what is a mexican ref ,reffing the game.cant fifa afford to fly in a ref from say japan,singapore,south korea etc .
      u want my in put u get it ,in the case of offsides during game the television does a good job in actual indicating which team has what perentage of ball possesion -so the technology is there.why not when the technology senses a player is off side during receiving a thru ball a red strob lights up ,maybe with an audible sound .how many times play has been stopped for off side with a clear goal oportunity when on television thats not the case.well fifa needs to decide if they us this technology if its very close call then give it to the defending side -like cricket lbw.

      fifa is an organisatioin like so many l feel at times needs to be dishonest for financial implications or promoting a will of theres.l definetly feel there is an corrupt element in play in there operations at times.which needs to be stamped out by us the public , oviously soccer teams want to win at all cost so cheating as taken shape in a diverse way .footballers are talented in there sport.but they lack intellegence because at this stage fifa allows the slow replay by television stations to show replay after the inicial action and in so doing we the audience see what really occurs .may be fifa to cover there and the players ill doings should ban all such replays .lets get soccer players to boycott fifa so changes take place or we could start an just new soccer organisation and put fifa out in the cold.
      u guys sports journalists could get the ball rolling.
      thank u for reading this ,and allowing me to air my view

    • Diving is spoiling football. It should be taken seriously as it is a deliberate attempt to alter the outcome of a game through the award of a penalty etc. I think in tournaments such as the world cup which are televised FIFA should retrospectively review video evidence and award red cards ( ie one match ban) for dives that are deemed and cynical attempt to achieve a foul or penalty.

    • why at the end of the game do refs not watch the match again and if - in their opinion - a player has dived give an offical warning to that player if a player is given three warnings they receive a 1 game ban on receipt of another warning a 2 game ban and so on. players like robben then would miss 7-8 games a year and maybe their clubs would take action against them

    • What's wrong with introducing instant video replay?
      I would rather wait for a few second, and get the right decision out of the referee than to see the referee giving out the wrong decision which decide the match.

      The other thing they can do is to adding two more referees behind each goal post, one on each side of the goal post. These refs would make calls on whether fouls are commited inside the penalty box.

      Right now, you have one referee running up and down the entire field for the entire match. He's gotta be a superman in order to be able to catch up with all these fast ball movement. Some times he's 20 yards behind where the action takes place, how can you expect him to make the right decision?

      So, to sum it up.
      1. Allow instant video replay, when any refs suspect that a foul has been committed inside the penalty box. If from the instant reply it was clear that the player is diving. Send him off immediately.

      2. Put more refs behind the goal posts.

      The other thing I don't like about soccer is the send off. In basketball, when you eject a player you can get someone to replace you and that doesn't destroy the fun of the game. Soccer should do what basketball does, but with more serious punishment for the guy who got sent off. So we won't see another match where it's 11 against 10 for 80 minutes.

      I have been watching soccer for more than 20 years.. sadly, I can no longer vouch that it is a beautiful game after seeing so many cheating condoned by the utterly useless and brainless FIFA.

    • instant red card by pass the yellow card then give them a 3 match ban they will learn then.

    • I was ashamed to see how many international teams now use diving as a strategic part of their play, at the same time admired those teams who continue to play the game in a fair and sporting way.

      Has it come to the point where diving will no-longer been seen as a stain on the game, but as an integral part of success?!

      You can see more playing integrity by watching Sunday football down the Hackney marshes, where over weight (myself included) and often hung over (again guilty) men play with the pride and passion I wish these 50k a week pros would.

      All in all diving is not only ruining the game, but is questioning the integrity of all of us who watch it.

      The Italians did not deserve to win the world cup, as they continuously cheated, by diving and making tackling almost illegal in the game. I don't know how many cards were given due to their low low tactics, but if someone had the time to review each tackle that they were awarded a free kick for I wouldn't be surprised at all if 90% were dives!

    • Italian coaches seem to encourage diving and feigning
      injury.The worst are at present Italy and Portugal.
      Referees should demand that when a player is down and the stretcher team come on that that player does not return to the field for 15 minutes.That should sort out the `BIG GIRL`S BLOUSES.Cheers,David.They`re ruining a fine mans sport.

    • Why not introduce a video ref like they have in rugby and cricket so that foul play is ruled out. Then when it is a game deciding decision the camera can be used and foul play and diving can be rewarded with a free kick to the other team.

    • Yes it is, and has been for the past 10 years. the only people that can stop it is the referee's. by booking players that dive, and those that are play acting just to get the physio on shud be left on the floor while play carries on and believe me they'll soon get up wen they realise no ones been conned by them rolling on the floor holding there face wen they got the faintest of touch's on the foot. cheats ban em all for 6 games an they'll soon stop.

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