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  • Erik Erik Jul 7, 2006 18:16 Flag

    Is diving spoiling the game?

    Yes. Diving is ruining football. Football isn't about who can throw themselves to the ground in the quickest possible way, its about who can play the best. Portugal have shown that they're quite happy to cheat their way through stages. FIFA should review their games and do something about it.

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    • There is no denying diving is spoiling the game but pointing the finger at one team, Portugal, would be naïve and incorrect. All teams have been guilty at times throughout the tournament with some very high profile players joining in with this, seemingly, unstoppable disease. FIFA must take some major responsibility as their directive to referees to book anything that moves has resulted in players taking advantage of this and deliberately getting fellow players booked or sent off. The referees seem incapable of using common sense, especially in the earlier rounds. (Please don’t remind us of the Holland v Portugal embarrassment!) So while the players have their own responsibility they will only do what they are allowed to and the powers that rule must look at themselves.