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  • Erik Erik Jul 12, 2006 17:45 Flag

    Zidane's Golden Ball Award

    Zizou had a fantastic tournament and one incident should not define his award. He should definitely keep it. The sending off was triggered mostly because of a rasist shout from the Italian guy.

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    • You obviously must be french and that's fine, I'm Italian.
      First let me say that Materazzi is one if not the most disliked player by all Italians and that's long before the world cup, however, all of France are now playing the race card game and let me tell you that as ugly as racism is, playing the race card is even uglyer.
      I'm not a great expert lip reader, but having looked at several repys I can clearly decifer the word "sorella"(Italian for Sister) a few times on Materazzi's lips, but no racist remark.

      Insults, teasing and provocations of this nature, wrightly or wrongly are part of the game and have been for ages, what Zidane did is unexcusable and sadly it is not the first time he's done it.

      I have been a great admirer of Zizou for years and his footballing qualities have been remarkables and will stay with us forever, but you the French Nation, have to understand how to loose and how to be humble, you just can't accept that others can be better than you at times, in this case 4 times.

      Please don't play the race card, look at race relation in France mate, just because your house is not in order it does not mean that everyone else's is.

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      • I partly agree with you.
        We need and can recognize a loss ( actually did in WC 2002 and euro 2004 ) when the condition in which the loss occure are fair.
        Do you recall any french winning in 2002 or 2004 ?
        No you don't ! because the french team lost on the pitch in fair, let me repeat FAIR conditions.
        The team lost in 2002 and 2004 because it deserved to loose after regular, normal games.
        This time, the final was affected by things that should not happen on a pitch. PROVOCATION THROUGH VERBAL ABUSE and REACTION THROUGH VIOLENCE.
        I read here and there than Zidane is a professional and therefore should keep his calm and not answer to provocation or abuse. I totally agree and his red card his justified. ALL PROFESSIONNAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS KNOWS THAT PHYSICAL VIOLENCE IS PROHIBITED ON THE PITCH AND CAN BE PUNISHED BY A RED CARD. it's FIFA and UEFA ruling. and that's what happened on Sunday.
        HOWEVER, MATERAZZI is ALSO a PROFESSIONNAL FOOTBALL PLAYER who should also knows the rules of the game. and FIFA and UEFA rules imply that slur is alos prohibited and can be sanction with a yellow card.
        My conclusion is that, yes french soccer fans have a right to #$%$ and moan about the way teh french team lost this final because, if ZIDANE should have been sent off, so should MATERAZZI. and that was not the case.
        From that moment, the game was totally different, the momentum was lost not because of the italian teams effort ( and God knows Italy has some good players) but because of a thug, that was a PROFESSIONNAL of PROVOCATION .
        By the way, how did dear Marco know that ZIDANE had a sister ? Do you have special training in Italy to find what buttons to push with your opponents ?

      • the italians were NOT the best in that final and you know it, on a footbalistic point of view they show absolutly nothing and were dead after half time. the italians are and have always been dirty players, lets not forget as well who invinted that diving that is polluting football now, THE ITALIANS!!!! and the match fixings not the first time as well!!!, Italians are cheatters and have always been, when they see that they cannot win, then they start using all sorts of dirty tricks, thats why they started diving 30 years ago

      • Italy,
        keep the football clean...

      • hi, Im a South African and a firm foollwer of the beautiful game.Football has domne a lot of good in this world especialy when it comes to uniting people and exposing people to different cultures.

        So this Zidane incidednt has coused an outcry not only to French poeple but to whole of the African Nation. I am dissapointed at Mterrazzi. He is exposed to many cultures becouse of his profesion, so he should be more tolereant to other races. He does not have to like everyone but he should keep his comments ot himself. The same goes to all racist people out there.

        You seem to be a "proffesional lipreader" seeing that you dont beleive what was interpreted by the real proffesionals. I dont beleive your teammate was complementing Zizou's siter!!! If he was, Materrazi would have gotten a handshake.

        Bottom line is...most Africans are burning their Italy shirts as we speak. I cant beleive I supported you people!! This brings me to the conclution that if one open minded Italian can behave in this manner, the rest of the Italians are not far behind!!!!!

        Italy has been exposed for what it is. Wait till you come to 2010 in south africa, we'll show you how to realy handle racist people. We've done it before we can do it again.

    • He should be stripped of the award as, having passed two playgrounds yesterday, I saw many young boys running at each other bull like..This is horrendous behaviour to see from anybody, let alone children of around 8.
      At the moment only zidane and materazzi know exactly what was said to whom, so lets not presume it was racist just to excuse violent behaviour.

    • What a lot of trash!
      Zidane has been a fantastic footballer, but don't tell us that he's had a fantastic world cup please!!!!
      He's had two fantastic games, against Spain and Brazil, the first round matches he played well below avarage and apart for taking the penalty against Portugal, not much else and in the final he was totally taken out of the game.

      As for the remarks about racism, you like all the crap media, are speculating about what Materazzi said, however there are no speculations about what Zidane did, we all saw it, so my dear, learn how to loose and drop the french superiority complex

    • Zidane is only a violent player. If he is a correct player he should give the award back.