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  • Francesco Francesco Jul 18, 2006 19:01 Flag


    I'm italian and i wanted to know a few things from you:
    1) are you happy that France lost against italy?
    2) what do you think of materazzi?
    3) what do you think of zidane?
    Thats all!!

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    • I have a question for the english...450 years of roman rule must of left a genetical heritage within you brits..you are more closely related to us italians than you dare accept...lol

    • I'm happy for Italy for their win.
      Matterrazi should not have done what he did.I think it was part of the Italians game plan to have him chucked out of the game.If Zidane was there for the penalty shoot out,I think the scores would have been levelled.I wasn't supporting for any of the two teams to win.It would have been nice to see France create history for the second time.Zidane is a really good player.Everybody has flaws in their personality.Zidane till the end of his career has been sans arrogance.His head butt was more emotional than dangerous.He had to let his steam out.I don't think Matterrazzi could have got hurt.But brilliant actor.10/10 to him for that.

    • 1) Wouldn't say happy but I don't really have a particularly strong opinion on either. I probably wanted France to win so that Zizou could bow out of a fine international career in the only fitting way.

      2) He earnt me a load of money with his header so I like him. However, it doesn't hide the fact that he really is a very nasty man. Just the kind of player that any top level player should be able to ignore whatever he says

      3) One of the best players of all time but he's been sent off more times than Vinnie Jones (or Roy Keane if you're not familiar with Jones) he's clearly no saint. Yes, he let his country down massively (he would undoubtedly have taken and scored one of the first couple of pens), he also pretty much got them there.

    • Hi,

      My answers:

      1) not particulary, both teams could have won (Italy has dominated the first half, France secound half and extra-time)
      anyway, the victory of italy is not scandalous
      2) i have absolutely no respect for such a player like materazzi who try to provoke another insulting him and his family. sorry but for me it's not "part of the game". Materazzi knew very well that everybody see the reaction, not the provocation
      3) no doubt that zidane has been one of the greatest player of all time but his violent reaction was a disgrace and he has been banned for that (red card, france lost, suspended, ammend....)

      is that clear for you ?