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  • Erik Erik Jul 20, 2006 23:43 Flag

    Zizou's FIFA Farce

    The end of Zinedine Zidane's football career may have been daft, but he's got a long way to go before he can rival FIFA and their ability to
    conjure up high farce.

    In their infinite wisdom, FIFA, the game's powerbrokers, have decided to ban the retired galactico for three games and fine him around £3,000. Zidane was last estimated to be earning around £100,000 a week, so it's hardly going to see him shopping in Aldi for the next few months.

    More staggeringly, the ruling body have banned Marco Matterazi for two games and fined him £4,000! For what? Getting in the way of Zidane's
    head? You can’t fine players for being assaulted. Or can you? Will this open the door to a new range of punitive measures? With
    Cristiano Ronaldo widely tipped to get kicked more than the ball next season, we could hit him in the pocket, as well as in the knackers.

    It appears that Zidane, presumably as confused as I am about the three match ban, has offered to serve his sentence out by supplying 'community
    service' to FIFA. I doubt that this will herald the sight of a pensive Frenchman, grumpily cleaning off graffiti in down-town Zurich, but
    perhaps there's something in this.

    Maybe we could have Zidane as the ultimate punitive measure, employed by FIFA to enforce the law under pain of head-butt. You could sit him in that little booth they had for the fifth official in Germany, but keep him on a tight choke-chain. When someone is caught diving, you just let out some slack on the chain and sit back and watch as the stylish playmaker chases
    the miscreant round the park, gesturing to his head and shouting incoherently.

    Alright, so maybe it's a little far-fetched. But it's a damn sight more sensible than banning him for three matches.

    How would you punish Zidane?

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    • I would force zidane to have a hair transplant preferbley plucked from his french #$%$ at the end of the day its four stars on our italian shirts and only sour grapes on the french shirts

    • FIFA are like our FA they haven't got a clue they are way behind the times, just fat old men sitting on they fat #$%$ picking up fat pay checks its a joke, as for Zidane i would have done the same as he did and more, Matterazi a
      cheat and so is his country

    • Punishment should be simple, make him do the same as Cantona did for his flying kick, teaching young kids how to play the beautiful game and explaining to them why he was wrong to headbutt Materazzi

    • proudtobeitalian
      Easy on the capitals, it's making my head spin, I have to turn down my hearing aid...

    • there is a lot of form of discrimination, FIFA is doing something really bad !! Fifa is figthing against the discrimination in the fields... and we have to fight against the Fifa's discriminations....


    • So you're not just a racist, but you're a pathetic homophobic as well! imagine what will happen to people like you if the whole world suddenly decide to start hating nasty baldies like you?!

      I don't really balme you because you've been hit where it really hurts. don't worry about what i look like; it can be worst than what i saw in your profile. you're the ugliest matherfucker i've ever seen for a very very long time and you loosing your hair don't help it at all. only sin can be described as ugly as you are, and no wonder you're so angry with the the entire world!

    • i really think that it's unfair for any of you to make blatant accusations when in fact, NOBODY apart from ZZ, Materazzi and the FIFA board knows what was said that day. have any of you stopped to ponder that PERHAPS it was so severe that it entitled a punishment for Materazzi? he admitted to the provocation (when he can always deny it coz nobody heard what he said), so maybe, he felt that he indeed was calling for the assault. i bet that if the actual contents of the insult was released, MANY (and i'm not saying all coz somebody's bound to be thick and say "stick and stones can break my bones, but words can't") of you would be outraged.
      so, back to the discussion, i'm all for the BOTH of them being punished. but perhaps ZZ's should be more than just 3 days of community work. how about two weeks worth? he's not doing anything at the moment, it wouldn't make that much a difference anyway. and he should hold a workshop or whatever with those kids to teach them that:
      1) violence is NEVER an option to solve problems
      2)you should always respect one another INCLUDING their family members.


    • It is a fact of life that violence for violence being adopted in our daily lives. As it took place in the world cup when Zidane headbutted Matterazi leading to let the trophy slip away. It is a disastrous incident since FIFA always stresses on "fair game, fair play". however, the follow-up strategies handles by ZZ is favourable to his ultimate success of what he could ever gain far more than what he has lost as it was responded by the people worldwide.
      An old saying goes "it takes life-long consistence to sustain a good will, but it will give the negative impact in simply one second". In this incident, Zindane has really demonstrated his personal magic formula of turning around the worst situation to a more positive appraisal, he is worth of the "Best Player of the World Cup 2006".

    • whats materazzi doing getin fined and banned. dnt tel me its for name calling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The decision was fair

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