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  • justin justin Jul 23, 2006 15:46 Flag

    Questions for the Italians

    With all your recent domestic match fixing allegations being proven to be true i was wondering:

    1) How a match can be fixed without the players being involved?

    2) If the Italian team players were involved and are found guilty, should they lose their winners medals? and should the whole national team be punished?

    3) Did someone get to the referee in the second round game against Australia?

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    • Envy is a ugly beast, you see, and Juventus has won so much in Italy and in Europe (the only italian teamcapable of winning all the european trophies) that other teams fan have to find something for excusing their teams for not been able to win consistently.

      They have tried accusing Juventus of doping but the trial asserted that Juventus did not doped their players. The judges even asserted that the evidences proved the opposite.

      They have tried accusing Juventus of cheating their tax obbligations but nothing was found.

      Now they are accusing Juventus (and other 5 teams as well, so why blame Juventus alone?) of cheating, asserting that Moggi was the chief of a gang of referees and high officers of FIGC, the italian federation of soccer.
      However, they have chosed 40 over 100.000 phone interception (where Moggi never talk to any referee) asserting that were thwe evidences of this cheating.
      The old president of FIGC was removed and substituted by Rossi, an ex-manager of Inter Milan.
      He fired the old investigating pool and judging pool, substituting any of them with people he personally choosed.
      After a fast investigation (primarily based on interrogation where anyone responded "I'm not guilt" and the acquisition of the phone interceptions) the first trial was instructed and runned in ten days.
      The judges sure can read as the interceptions trascription take 14.000 pages. They rejected any issue by the attorneys about witnessess and movies about the matches under the lens. The only defense admitted was the attorneys arrangues.
      After 10 days they condemned Juventus, Fiorentina and Lazio to Serie B with penalization of 30, 15 and 9 pts respectively and Milan to be penalized by 15 pts next year.
      Juventus has also to surrend the last 2 championship titles.

      They have made many unlawful assumption:

      1st) the facts was referred to the 2004/2005 championship. No evidence, witness, interception, nothing is referred to the 2005/2006 championship so it is totally unlawful to penalize a team for this year. So no Serie B nor losing of the last title may be comminated to any team by the soccer rules.

      2nd)They have assumed that Moggi was a high manager of Juventus, thus they could be able to comminated a higher penance for direct responsability to Juventus while any legal statement shows that Moggi has never be part of the dirigential staff of Juventus i.e. lawfully Moggi is equiparable to Meani, the Milan FC manager.

      3rd)They say they have found evidences of cheating on one match (they have examinated 80 suspected matches but just one they say is really cheated: parma-lecce 3-3) so where is the gang? The allmighty Moggi was able to cheat only one match about two low standing teams? How powerfull!!!

      Today we are waiting the final sentence and I, as a Juventus supporte, hope true justice will triumph but it seems unbelievable to me as the new soccer owner, Rossi, together his friend, Moratti the loser will surely try to take hold the reins of our championship.

      However, we say time is a gentleman, so I stand and wait on the river's side and I'm certain I'll see the body of many a foe bringed by the flow...

    • Thanks for the replys, makes it easier for me to understand. Makes it difficult to enjoy a game when you don't know whether the ref is cheating though.
      I'm glad justice has been served, might clean the game up a little.

      Note to pdvarone: I wasn't born in 1966, it's a hollow victory that means nothing to me. All those that keep going on about it have done nothing to improve the game over here since

    • These are all the questions i asked myself when you english won in 1966 i bet the russian linesman got more than a chocolate bar for his efforts but as long as the queen kept waveing england kept winning

    • you obviously know nothing about it....

      The players were not involved. the referees were bribed by juventus back room staff who controlled the head of the football federation who made sure the right refs were sent to the right games!!! No players were involved. The whole scandal is built around referee decisions which determind that juve won the title and that lazio and fiorentina were not relegated 2 seasons ago. AC milan were caught attempting to bribe a ref.

      No players were involved os NO WAY should the italian WC winning side be punished in anyway. The 2 things are in no way related.Italy won fair and square.

      Against Austrlia the ref made a mistake in giving the penalty but at first glance everybody thought it was deffinately a penalty so i think your suggestion there was a bribe is riddiculous.

    • Ask the French, there were 3-4 Juventus player there in the final playing for France!!!!
      They should be just as guilty as the Italians....
      All this in the forum it's just pathetic.