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    ENGLAND WORLD CUP SONG, once we had a turnip...

    Have a listen to this amazing new England world cup song at:


    Once we had a turnip, now we've got a Swede…We've got PSS that’s all we need

    Boy-band anarchists Paper Scissor Stone have perfectly captured the mood of the nation as England marches on to footballing glory in Germany.

    The catchy tune E.N.G.L.A.N.D. sets the pace for the 2006 World Cup and is sure to be a hit on the terraces in Germany, in the pubs back home and with football supporters and music fans around the world.

    This week on the eve of the tournament the super cover boys Paper Scissor Stone will present a special gift to the people of Paraguay, Sweden and Trinidad and Tobago - England's rivals in Group B. They will personally deliver copies of their song to the respective London embassies wrapped up in an England scarf.

    Guitarist Scissor said: 'It's not meant as an insult, just a gift in the spirit of friendly rivalry. And at least they'll be warm and have something to listen to on the early flight home.'

    Pianist Stone added: 'There's a real feeling of expectation this world cup. PSS truly believe England can go all the way. After all it's only a circle, its only a ball and we've been to
    Germany and won before.'

    Drum wizard Paper joked: 'Berlin is meant to be a wonderful city, shame we're probably going to be very unpopular there, as our song will no doubt be no more than a bad reminder for all the other supporters!'

    The lads from PSS are now so desperate to get out to Germany and they have promised to play a free concert to anyone who provides them with tickets.

    Who's going to win the world cup? E.N.G.L.A.N.D!

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